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Scented Delights

scented candles Scented Candles: The Toxic Health Risks

I smell the lemons.

I smell the oranges.

I smell the cinnamon, the chocolate, the macaroon too !!

I know its funny, but that is the way it is…… 🙂

It was a candle haul for me this weekend. I love scented candles, especially the ones at Bath and Body works.

Scented candles can uplift your senses, add a touch of cheer to the mood and calm down your anxieties.

There are various chemical side-effects associated with scented candles though, I prefer using the ones made with essential oils and the ones with lead-free wicks.

Bath and Body Works have their semi-annual sale going on right now, and I collected products at an amazing 75% discount, yay !!

I stocked up candles for not less than six months; the bonus being, the anti-stress candles I happened to discover there 🙂

The flavours of the candles are distinct and strongly aromatic; while I light the candle in my bedroom, I can actually smell it in the entire house !!

Have a look at my collection of candles :

























The flavours featured are  Anti-stress candles : Orange and ginger essential oils, Eucalyptus and Spearmint essential oils

Other candles : Candies sugar-plum, Nuts, Cinnamon and pumpkin,Lavender macaroon, Oatmeal raisin cookie, Fresh lemon, Lavender vanilla, Dark chocolate, Hot buttered rum, Chocolate mint.

*             *               *

I also bumped into a sale at Lifestyle, and bought few more scented candles (yea, crazy, that’s what my hubby thought too !! )

The flavours at Lifestyle are fresh and more of  a lighter kind.

Take a look at them too :






Featured flavours : Fresh orange, Fresh linen, French lavender, Midnight Iris, Fruit Sorbet, Vanilla, Bamboo and Citronella

So my weekend was scented, flavoury, soothing and relaxing; hope yours was good too 🙂

Do you like to light up your room with candles?

Which flavour do you like the most ?