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Furious !!!

Yeah, okay, I’m not furious at you guys !

But kinda pissed off at those who try to advice me on small things like what should I eat and how much ! πŸ˜–

I mean , it is actually none of their business …

I am a grown up , and quite sure of what I’m doing , I am in my senses all the time ; wonder what makes them walk upto me and tell me – eat something, girl, you’re so skinny !!

In all my sanity, I would like to tell those crackheads….. People, that is how God made me !! And you can’t question him !

I mean, I have the best bod at 37 !
Beautiful curves, perfect figure, and all that even after 2 kids, who make me go crazy all the time !!

So what, if He just forgot to inject some fat into my cheeks ?!!

I’m no zombie !
I eat well, rest well, work well, highly efficient , productive and energetic at all the times ……. Just don’t judge me from those cheeks, stuck to the bones ….kinda permanently …

And believe me, I’ve tried all sort of odd things to get some flesh on my cheeks !

Facial yoga – with all that deep inhaling and exhaling, like I was panting all the time !

Face massages – I actually rubbed butter and carrot pulp and boiled apples and all those yuck kinda stinky things on my cheeks to make em chubby !

Facial exercises – I can actually make tons of faces, fine enough to scare kids, and funny enough to make adults crack up at any place on this earth ….. And I did end up looking like a jerk in public places πŸ˜„

For all those who know me, are aware of the fact how self obsessed I am ! I love myself and embrace my curves in totality ☺️
And those who don’t know this little freak inside me, need to learn that I am fully capable of taking care of myself and my two kids, and I do that single handedly !

So just stop walking upto me and screaming into my face to eat something !

If I wouldn’t, I would be a bad mother, irresponsible and careless …. Coz I need to set an example for my kids on healthy eating….AND I KNOW THAT !

So kindly leave me alone and go mind your own business …

( sorry if you feel I used too many offensive words this time ! But you know, I am furious !! 😝)

Have you ever felt this kinda social pressure building up on you ?
If not for being under weight, maybe for being on the heavier side ! Do share …. πŸ˜‰

By virtue of being a woman………

All my cakes, cookies, ice creams and smoothies have to be of chocolate flavour. (well almost)

There should be a clear dominance of shades of pink in the home decor or the outfits. (ok, I can settle on mauve too !!)

My phone bills are and always will be higher (much higher) than those of my partner. Enough said πŸ˜‰

When I say – I’ll be there in ten minutes, I never mean that !! You get the drift……

I have an undying problem of nothing appropriate to dress for a party, while my closet is full of appropriate ones.

I always have something to suggest or instruct or explain for. You call it nagging.

I relax more than the kids, on weekends, because its THEIR weekend !!

I amΒ supposedΒ to not to cook on weekends, weekends mean holiday.

I got black pumps, beige wedges, brown peep toes, and still I am eyeing the ones on sale πŸ™‚

Summer sale, winter sale or any sale……It is compulsory for me to visit them once, or they may really feel hurt.

I hate to ask – Do I look fine?, you know what to answer when I ask so πŸ™‚

I push the doors, which clearly say PULL !!

I open the fridge and close it. And then open it again and still can’t figure out what I wanted out of it.

If I am laughing, dare you not ask me why, or you may end up cracking up too !!

If I am happy, my face clearly says that, if I am not, still my face tries to show the same expression πŸ™‚

I am lucky to have you, but you are luckier…

Don’t mess with me when I say – It’s ok. You may be disappointed.

A hug always helps.

Go girls, add to the list, speak your mind……