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The Need …

It is always important to feel the need to write…or rather the need to express!!

Often when my heart is full, and I’m happy or I feel I have accomplished goals, that my creative juices dry up . And it just happens that my mind stops thinking or wanting more . It is at this time I just stop writing … the flow just stops.

I guess we shouldn’t be ever content !!

It is only when I feel, life has much more to offer me , many more lessons to teach me , many more layers of people to show me … that I feel the need to rant it out .

I don’t even know if this is exactly a rant ! I just feel it is my emotions inside trying to escape my clogged mind. Not always do I feel negative about life , but when I do , it is quite on a superlative level.

Not good , but not bad either !

A person with few friends and less of a family , needs an escape with words. And if we have stayed strong like a rock forever , we know how much it takes to stay that hard.

What people don’t realize is that under that rock hard layer , under the smiling mask, under the loving heart , under the caring appeal …. lies a soft mushy human , who is always wanting to be pampered and felt important.

The need is that what kills …..

I missed you 💕

It feels nice to be back
It feels nice to be back in action
It feels nice to be back in action and loved !

I realize, one thing I missed all the way in these months, was venting out here….
This blog was and has always been a place where I would unscrew my bottled up emotions ….

Having said that, I’d admit, I missed my virtual friends too !
The ones who always followed me, boosted me, picked me up, made me laugh, made me ponder, corrected me and stayed with me unconditionally ….

Thanks for being around ….

I am fine and just struggling to push away the writers block in my head !
I am making up my mind to start driving again ….
I am wondering if I can start working again some day….
I am wanting to start baking again soon ; it works as a therapy ….
Yes ! Strange , but I have since long kept away from many things that I love doing ….. Hope I reconsider myself soon 😄

Just a hope !!

How long ??

How long would you take to accept a rejection ?

How long would you pretend to close your eyes and behave like you weren’t vulnerable , while you actually were ?!

How long would you take to learn that life ain’t a cakewalk ?

How long would you take to know that people walk in and walk out of our lives, just at the right moment !

A human tendency, actually two –
#1 To be always loved and wanted by the close ones
#2 To never give up on hoping, that they love and want you !

Both, I feel, are equally draining out emotionally …..

You want something and you don’t get it ; you give unconditionally with an expectation to get it back in the same measure ; you keep hoping for a miracle to happen …..and finally, accepting, that it won’t work out !

The fear of rejection ; negative and draining out for some, positive and uplifting for others…

Depends how we take it ; for there is always a prelude to better stories written in life…… Fall down, bite the dust ; get up, shrug the pain ; look around, look inside ; what we want always resides inside us…. Not in the people we love or want
They are just means to make us to come to terms with harsh realities of life…. God has his own ways to make us learn everything we should in this small life of ours

Make peace with yourself, think positively and find a way….. Where there is a will, there is a way, goes the saying…

Cry out if you feel like ! Crying is a therapy .
Dig your head into to the pillow, punch the walls, bang your fists on the table….. Do whatever you feel like to make you feel better
It is always fine to let go ourselves sometimes, how long can we hold on with the misery within ourself ?!

Talk to someone if that makes you feel lighter, abuse, curse, as much as you want, get angry with yourself ….. But just take care not to hurt anyone in the process ; angst, tears, shouting , will actually make you feel better….

And if you are the silent type , try writing out something ! Penning down your fears and expectations, your pain, will make you feel free….

And once you are done venting out, you won’t feel like doing it again !! Believe me, your heart will feel better, your mind and body more in control 😀

Don’t take life too seriously, no one anyways gets out of it alive 😃

Tears, sighs and curses would make you feel more hopeless !
So move on to smiles, happiness and openness ….

Just accept the fact, life is a process and we are all learners all our life….. Let them go, welcome the new with open arms 😊

While in despair, remind yourself each single day, two things –

I LOVE MYSELF …….and you’ll be at peace forever 😁

For, those who learn to digest the failures, are always the winners ….

Agree or not ?

Sweet nothing 🎶

Eating rate – maximum !
Sleeping capacity – extreme !!
Work efficiency – optimum….
Writing frequency – occasional
Communication – zero !!

Yeah, this is what happens when I completely blank out ! 😁

When I feel I’ve been zoned out, kinda stoned, albeit without grass !

It is like you’ve been talking for ages and ages ; screaming, yelling, begging, barking…. At a white wall, blank for no apparent reason…..

You have just squeezed out, whatever was left inside that black, gray and white heart…. And haven’t been noticed ever, for whatever you’ve been going through …

It is then, that we come down, a level lower, and stop, and think, and talk, into emptiness….

Eat, work, sleep….. Think, think, think…… Don’t react, don’t pour it out, just go with the flow …… Stay still, calm, stare into nothingness……
See those birds flying high in the sky, notice the bright sun pouring over the greens, watch the ducks feeding their ducklings, hear the cricket play it’s music, listen to the sparrows chirping away merrily !!!

Do nothing !
Believe me, it is the toughest thing on earth, to sit and do nothing at all….. Your mind can’t be free of thoughts, your eyes can’t stop seeing things, your heart can’t stop feeling the emotions !

Try !! You have to do it ! Do it for yourself , when you feel the need to vent out, abuse, feel the urge to go slap someone ! 😝

I am in that phase , and am enjoying the sweet nothingness …. Absolute blank walls around me, staring at me, waiting for emotions to rush out again and be myself 😊

I’ll take my time though !

Have you been there ? Enjoyed it ?

Furious !!!

Yeah, okay, I’m not furious at you guys !

But kinda pissed off at those who try to advice me on small things like what should I eat and how much ! 😖

I mean , it is actually none of their business …

I am a grown up , and quite sure of what I’m doing , I am in my senses all the time ; wonder what makes them walk upto me and tell me – eat something, girl, you’re so skinny !!

In all my sanity, I would like to tell those crackheads….. People, that is how God made me !! And you can’t question him !

I mean, I have the best bod at 37 !
Beautiful curves, perfect figure, and all that even after 2 kids, who make me go crazy all the time !!

So what, if He just forgot to inject some fat into my cheeks ?!!

I’m no zombie !
I eat well, rest well, work well, highly efficient , productive and energetic at all the times ……. Just don’t judge me from those cheeks, stuck to the bones ….kinda permanently …

And believe me, I’ve tried all sort of odd things to get some flesh on my cheeks !

Facial yoga – with all that deep inhaling and exhaling, like I was panting all the time !

Face massages – I actually rubbed butter and carrot pulp and boiled apples and all those yuck kinda stinky things on my cheeks to make em chubby !

Facial exercises – I can actually make tons of faces, fine enough to scare kids, and funny enough to make adults crack up at any place on this earth ….. And I did end up looking like a jerk in public places 😄

For all those who know me, are aware of the fact how self obsessed I am ! I love myself and embrace my curves in totality ☺️
And those who don’t know this little freak inside me, need to learn that I am fully capable of taking care of myself and my two kids, and I do that single handedly !

So just stop walking upto me and screaming into my face to eat something !

If I wouldn’t, I would be a bad mother, irresponsible and careless …. Coz I need to set an example for my kids on healthy eating….AND I KNOW THAT !

So kindly leave me alone and go mind your own business …

( sorry if you feel I used too many offensive words this time ! But you know, I am furious !! 😝)

Have you ever felt this kinda social pressure building up on you ?
If not for being under weight, maybe for being on the heavier side ! Do share …. 😉

Life is Beautiful

Often I ask myself – What is life? , Is life beautiful? Why are we so passionate of our lives, that we start living it over and over again?

I struggle to answer these basic  questions of existence ………

One day it is a bed of thorns, those pricking your heart and soul,

The other day it is a path of blossoms, blooming and filling your nostrils with heavenly scents.

A door closes and a door opens……

Things that you feel are useless, often jump up into your face and scream for attention. They are too loud to be neglected, nonetheless they are futile and worthless in comparison to other vital things in life.

Just when you feel, you’ve lost the track of your life, and things start slipping out of your hands………miracles start happening 🙂

Someday, someone, something……..crosses your path just out of the blue, to make you grin and smile, ear to ear !!

Neither the pessimist nor the optimist can fault life on these wonderful miracles..they just happen, to make you alive ..

The upside down life of ours, suddenly seems to be stable and worth living again.

Yes, life indeed is beautiful … 🙂

Just me and a Hope

I know I’ve been selfish, I know I’ve been  bad

I was just waiting to pick up myself, after the bled of those pricking thorns all the way…..

It was a tough journey, a never-ending one…….but it made me blunt and stronger to endure the pain, the avoidance and the criticism

I promise, I am tougher and better, more to myself than to others

No more mistakes to do, no more promises to keep………..just a way to go, a life to live 🙂

I don’t deserve to say a sorry, I don’t deserve the love…….what I feel I deserve is the companionship of all, till the journey ends….

Adieus Amigos

While the bags and baggages are all packed, the kids ready and excited to board the flight, I already feel butterflies in my tummy !!

Strange it is,I am not new to flying, still every time I have to endure this phase of anxiety and eagerness before the flight takes off (and lands too !!)

Only if vacations could be fun in India (yea, I am not cribbing 😛 )

While the little ones have been busy ticking off the dates in their calender, counting the days left to meet their grandparents after one long year, it amazes me, how living away only makes us grow fonder of each other 🙂

With no internet access out there, blogging would be just out of the question for almost a month or two; and I would madly miss it. It is always fun to connect to lovely friends on  blogosphere, sharing and interacting everyday.

I take your leave with a wonderful thought, a wish, a hope :

Happiness is a state of mind

Hope to connect back soon.

Till then, Adieus Amigos……..

Scented Delights

scented candles Scented Candles: The Toxic Health Risks

I smell the lemons.

I smell the oranges.

I smell the cinnamon, the chocolate, the macaroon too !!

I know its funny, but that is the way it is…… 🙂

It was a candle haul for me this weekend. I love scented candles, especially the ones at Bath and Body works.

Scented candles can uplift your senses, add a touch of cheer to the mood and calm down your anxieties.

There are various chemical side-effects associated with scented candles though, I prefer using the ones made with essential oils and the ones with lead-free wicks.

Bath and Body Works have their semi-annual sale going on right now, and I collected products at an amazing 75% discount, yay !!

I stocked up candles for not less than six months; the bonus being, the anti-stress candles I happened to discover there 🙂

The flavours of the candles are distinct and strongly aromatic; while I light the candle in my bedroom, I can actually smell it in the entire house !!

Have a look at my collection of candles :

























The flavours featured are  Anti-stress candles : Orange and ginger essential oils, Eucalyptus and Spearmint essential oils

Other candles : Candies sugar-plum, Nuts, Cinnamon and pumpkin,Lavender macaroon, Oatmeal raisin cookie, Fresh lemon, Lavender vanilla, Dark chocolate, Hot buttered rum, Chocolate mint.

*             *               *

I also bumped into a sale at Lifestyle, and bought few more scented candles (yea, crazy, that’s what my hubby thought too !! )

The flavours at Lifestyle are fresh and more of  a lighter kind.

Take a look at them too :






Featured flavours : Fresh orange, Fresh linen, French lavender, Midnight Iris, Fruit Sorbet, Vanilla, Bamboo and Citronella

So my weekend was scented, flavoury, soothing and relaxing; hope yours was good too 🙂

Do you like to light up your room with candles?

Which flavour do you like the most ?

Chocolate in any size and shape – m & m’s

After lunch, I always crave for a chocolate (kiddish, I know)

Since I cleaned my fridge just yesterday, there wasn’t a chocolate left in it (kids finished them all, while I was cleaning)

After fiddling with whatever was in there, my hands fell on a bag of m & m’s.

I was lucky enough to be able to eat them all alone; I dont like to share my chocolate. Period.

Those tiny chocolates melting in my mouth with the crunchiest peanuts, was a perfect dessert.

The moment I see them, I melt
Cant have enough of these tiny chocs
half the packet is already eaten up !!









Oops, I should eat a handful, re-seal the pack and hide it in the fridge, before my army is back from the school. They sure give me a tough competition for chocolate eating 🙂

(Yess, I gulp more chocolates than my kids 😛 )

We all love m&m’s, don’t we?

Are you a chocoholic too? What is your favourite chocolate ?