Happy Anniversary !

Strange ! How time flies !


WordPress wishes me a happy blogging anniversary today 😊
And amidst all the chaos in my life , the gesture puts a smile on my face ….

Just few years back, I had started to explore the blogosphere out of sheer boredom ; being in a new country I had absolutely nothing to do to kill time.
With easy access to Internet and lots of time on hands, I started visiting few blogs of my interest regularly. Didn’t realize , when I felt an urge to plunge into writing myself πŸ˜„

I always believed I was a girl of very few words ( and very few friends ).
As I started unwrapping myself, giving myself a chance to express, freaking out at being exposed as well, I realized, I had lots to say !
And there were many who could stand my gibberish nonsense πŸ™ˆ
I made a few blogger friends as well on the way ; I cherish this friendship ❀️

It has been a fantabulous journey ; a bed of roses with some thorns here and there ..
Thank you all for being a part of my blogger world , 3 years it is !

See you soon …. Cheers !

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