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Hair fall rescue

Okay okay, I know I have been MIA since long, but believe me, I missed you guys as much !

Being a mother of two demanding demons, preparing them for their final exams kept me on my toes all the time 😭

To be honest, I really wanted to go and write the exams myself to save me the trouble of being at their back for studies every single minute !!

Can’t even explain how stressed out and sleepless I have been since two months now ; I need a serious break ( note Mr Hubby )

And the madness that came with exams has taken a toll on my skin and hair :|. It has been days now I’m losing hair in a bunch and I feel, if this continues I’d be the one defining women baldness soon !

So, I searched and searched the internet and found an easy DIY to rescue myself from hair loss. BUT … I cannot assure you it works for all, coz I’m no certified beautician to prescribe it to anyone. Give it a try, if you wish to, it’s entirely your choice !!


So here it goes – take an onion, blend it in a mixture with some water till it becomes a smooth paste. Make sections of your hair and apply the paste to coat all of your hair evenly. Leave it for as long as you can ( say 30 mins minimum) and wash it off with a mild shampoo , followed by a conditioner. Simple, right ??



#1 It ain’t easy to keep an onion on your head for so long. Your eyes might sting making you cry, and you might have to resist the urge to wash it off anytime within 5 mins of application. Moreover I had strong feelings of some Indian gravy cooking in my head with lots of onions and tomatoes ! I have honestly started hating Indian curries after this try 😭

#2 The smell of the onion is so pungent, it won’t come off with one wash. So please, please try it at your own risk. The smell lingers for 2 days on me, and then wears off. But it is practically like living with onions on your head for 2 long days !! ( ask yourself if you can handle that )
Yes ! The smell is yuck !! More horrible than eggs 😱

BUT …..


The benefits are amazing ! Just in a week I noticed the reduction in my hair fall . Moreover the locks feel more lustrous and manageable.
Earlier , I avoided combing my hair much, because I was worried of losing more hair, but now, I comb twice a day, and don’t lose many strands 😝

Also … You can mellow down the smell of onions by adding few ingredients into the hair pack.

Add a ripe banana and a hand full of coriander leaves along with onions. I personally didn’t do this coz I find it difficult to remove the banana from the hair.

Add some hung curd and a hand full of curry leaves along with onions. I couldn’t do this, coz I have colored hair. The curd acts as a bleach and wears
off the color too soon.
That leaves me just with Mr. Onion 😂

But it is fine, I can live with the smell, given Mr Onion has been so kind to my rough, frizzy, falling hair 🙂

So, go ahead you girls, give it a try and do let me know how this works for you….

Also, any further suggestions on how to reduce hairfall using natural hair packs are always welcome  🙂

Furious !!!

Yeah, okay, I’m not furious at you guys !

But kinda pissed off at those who try to advice me on small things like what should I eat and how much ! 😖

I mean , it is actually none of their business …

I am a grown up , and quite sure of what I’m doing , I am in my senses all the time ; wonder what makes them walk upto me and tell me – eat something, girl, you’re so skinny !!

In all my sanity, I would like to tell those crackheads….. People, that is how God made me !! And you can’t question him !

I mean, I have the best bod at 37 !
Beautiful curves, perfect figure, and all that even after 2 kids, who make me go crazy all the time !!

So what, if He just forgot to inject some fat into my cheeks ?!!

I’m no zombie !
I eat well, rest well, work well, highly efficient , productive and energetic at all the times ……. Just don’t judge me from those cheeks, stuck to the bones ….kinda permanently …

And believe me, I’ve tried all sort of odd things to get some flesh on my cheeks !

Facial yoga – with all that deep inhaling and exhaling, like I was panting all the time !

Face massages – I actually rubbed butter and carrot pulp and boiled apples and all those yuck kinda stinky things on my cheeks to make em chubby !

Facial exercises – I can actually make tons of faces, fine enough to scare kids, and funny enough to make adults crack up at any place on this earth ….. And I did end up looking like a jerk in public places 😄

For all those who know me, are aware of the fact how self obsessed I am ! I love myself and embrace my curves in totality ☺️
And those who don’t know this little freak inside me, need to learn that I am fully capable of taking care of myself and my two kids, and I do that single handedly !

So just stop walking upto me and screaming into my face to eat something !

If I wouldn’t, I would be a bad mother, irresponsible and careless …. Coz I need to set an example for my kids on healthy eating….AND I KNOW THAT !

So kindly leave me alone and go mind your own business …

( sorry if you feel I used too many offensive words this time ! But you know, I am furious !! 😝)

Have you ever felt this kinda social pressure building up on you ?
If not for being under weight, maybe for being on the heavier side ! Do share …. 😉


Yes you read it right, Pre-Menstrual Syndrome.

I have been a victim of this syndrome since the past two years.

I have not a slightest idea of what triggered the syndrome to love me !!!

As the experts claim, PMS is caused by some horrible mixing of the sex hormones and the neurological chemicals. The symptoms are difficult to identify, as they are mostly psychological. Moreover, it can be easily mimicked, meaning, it is difficult to identify whether the patient is really suffering from it or just faking it. It may just be a psychological condition at times, labelled as PMS.

As a teenager, I was blessed with a perfectly regular menstrual cycle. No cramps and pains accompanied. Even after I had a normal delivery for both my children, the menstrual cycle continued to be regular. I was always an outgoing personality, who loved to meet people and interact with them. I dreaded being alone. Not until I hit my thirties.By mid thirties, I started to notice a change in myself.

I had started to love solitude. I was turning more towards being engrossed in books, rather than talking to someone. I had lost touch with almost all my friends, and had turned into a patient listener at parties, rather than a vocal person, which I was. I did not like getting dragged into discussions, I hated being made to meet or talk to anyone. At times kids irritated me too !!

And these symptoms seemed to vanish as soon as the flushes started 😐

My partner kept on stressing that my attitude was changing, but I could not figure out the reason for this, only until I had a brief read about PMS on the internet.

Slowly I came to notice that my mood swings would become prominent, a week before my periods started. By this time the periods had also become irregular, and it had become difficult to estimate the correct date. Nonetheless, I would come to know of it a week before, coz my moods would change drastically.

I would become more solitary, depressed and get feelings of worthlessness. Especially at nights, I would never sleep without crying. I would become an utter cry baby during those days. I would be more irritated, yelling and howling at the smallest mistake kids did. I would not give a chance to anyone to explain to me. I would almost become unbearable during those days.

Thanks to the family who took me as I was and never questioned my attitude. Till date they have no idea, of what I have been going through each month, during these 2 years. I never had the courage to talk to them about PMS and tell them how I was fighting with myself, with the depressive feelings inside me.

Most of the cases of PMS show an increased rate of violent tendencies. Some of them would skip into depression and frustration to such an extent that they would land up being suicidal. If not diagnosed appropriately and treated well, PMS could be fatal for ladies with lower self-confidence and lower morale. Family support is a must for these kind of cases. My case wasn’t that severe.

Luckily, I diagnosed it for myself and tried to find out ways to tackle this problem. I did not want my family to suffer because of my temperamental mood swings. At the same time I was too shy and reluctant of meeting a doctor to talk about this.

Next post, I shall talk about how I chalked out an alternative therapy plan for myself, involving the elements of yoga, to calm down my high soaring temper during those dull, gloomy, depressing days.

Be A fit mommy

Since long I was willing to do a post on health and fitness, but was just a bit busy with something else around.

Got a chance today, when both the devils are fast asleep and the dad is on a tour, lucky me 🙂

It has been almost 14 years, my weighing scale has been faithful to me. It has never shown a number beyond 50, every time I step up on it !!!

My waist size has never gone beyond 30 inches, even after 2 kids, no bragging intended.

Many thanks to the genes I got from my mom and many thanks to myself, who has gradually turned into a fitness freak…….

I would always hate to be called a bulky, bloated and an outdated mum. Sexy, fit and hot are much better as adjectives 🙂

There isn’t any fitness regime in particular, but whatever plan I have chalked out for myself, works the best for me. Here is an outline of it, in case you are planning to start a workout :

Disclaimer – I am not a fitness trainer or a gym instructor or a yoga teacher. The views expressed here are my own. Please consult a suitable person in case you doubt the efficiency of any of these.

1. It’s always tough for me to have an early start to the mornings. But after I drop my kids to the school, I make it a point to take a brisk walk around for almost 20 min. That kills the desire to get into the blanket once more. ( I do skip it sometimes when I am badly in need of sleep 🙂 )

2. I never have a heavy breakfast. I know its wrong, but I’ve never been used to it. Instead, I wait for my tummy to growl and ask for food. Then I have a cupcake, or a handful of nuts, or two glasses or lemon juice with honey.

3. Its workout time. I do not have a gym in the vicinity, so I workout at home.

Some serious stretching and bending, accompanied by sit ups and push ups. They raise the temperature of your body and make your heart pump faster.

I also believe in yoga. I do yogasanas needed to tone the belly, thigh, arm and leg muscles.The body starts being flexible.

Then some core breathing techniques called the pranayam.

The entire exercise takes almost 40 min. But after it I feel relaxed and rejuvenated.

Sometimes I do skip the entire workout, out of laziness, but then I play my favourite numbers and dance around to ensure my body stays in action and I don’t go back to sleep.

4. After the workout if I feel hungry again, I have something light, like a peanut butter toast, or just two cookies.

I do all the chores on my own, including, cleaning, washing and cooking.That keeps me active.

5. Devoid of breakfast, I am hungry again, just before the lunch. It’s the best time to have some sliced cucumbers. (I love them with salt and pepper and some lemon juice drizzled on them). Cucumbers have a good water content, so they keep me full till lunch time.

Even fruits like papaya or watermelon would work good for this time of the day.

6. Lunch is heavy for me. A good, tasty, spicy vegetable curry served with bread and salad. And not to forget something sweet ( I cannot survive without it).

I never forget to have a glassful of buttermilk after lunch – it is good for digestion.

7. No 4’o clock snacking for me. Just a large tumbler of green tea (lemon flavour).

8. Its evening and my bowels start growling again. It’s the time when my Mr. X is back from the office and kids are running around. Ginger tea and some snacks work good. Chocolate chip cookies, Digestive biscuits and some Indian snacks are loved as a company.

9. Dinner is very light and just an obligation for me !!! I almost skip it twice a week. Just some soup, rice or cooked pulses are the best before bedtime.

10. After I finish the kitchen, I take a brisk walk for almost half an hour, to let everything settle down.

The best way to avoid eating anything after dinner, is to brush your teeth. It will always remind you that you are done for the day.

I am not so strict about the diets. I do indulge in great chocolate treats, restaurant dinners and parties. But then I make it a point to burn those extra calories.

I never starve myself of anything. I do have, chips, butter, cheese, pizzas and chocolates, but in moderation.

I absolutely stay away from noodles, pasta, burgers and fried food. They give you those extra calories which can never be gotten rid of.

I play a lot of sport with my kids. Be it cricket and football with my boy, or badminton and skipping with my girl. It helps me bond strongly with them and gives me some exercise too.

Not to forget drinking lots of water daily, it keeps you hydrated and full.

Remember– It is tough to lose that extra fat for women. Better not gain it at all 🙂

Self control, is the key to success.

Be bodylicious……..adieus