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Hair fall rescue

Okay okay, I know I have been MIA since long, but believe me, I missed you guys as much !

Being a mother of two demanding demons, preparing them for their final exams kept me on my toes all the time 😭

To be honest, I really wanted to go and write the exams myself to save me the trouble of being at their back for studies every single minute !!

Can’t even explain how stressed out and sleepless I have been since two months now ; I need a serious break ( note Mr Hubby )

And the madness that came with exams has taken a toll on my skin and hair :|. It has been days now I’m losing hair in a bunch and I feel, if this continues I’d be the one defining women baldness soon !

So, I searched and searched the internet and found an easy DIY to rescue myself from hair loss. BUT … I cannot assure you it works for all, coz I’m no certified beautician to prescribe it to anyone. Give it a try, if you wish to, it’s entirely your choice !!


So here it goes – take an onion, blend it in a mixture with some water till it becomes a smooth paste. Make sections of your hair and apply the paste to coat all of your hair evenly. Leave it for as long as you can ( say 30 mins minimum) and wash it off with a mild shampoo , followed by a conditioner. Simple, right ??



#1 It ain’t easy to keep an onion on your head for so long. Your eyes might sting making you cry, and you might have to resist the urge to wash it off anytime within 5 mins of application. Moreover I had strong feelings of some Indian gravy cooking in my head with lots of onions and tomatoes ! I have honestly started hating Indian curries after this try 😭

#2 The smell of the onion is so pungent, it won’t come off with one wash. So please, please try it at your own risk. The smell lingers for 2 days on me, and then wears off. But it is practically like living with onions on your head for 2 long days !! ( ask yourself if you can handle that )
Yes ! The smell is yuck !! More horrible than eggs 😱

BUT …..


The benefits are amazing ! Just in a week I noticed the reduction in my hair fall . Moreover the locks feel more lustrous and manageable.
Earlier , I avoided combing my hair much, because I was worried of losing more hair, but now, I comb twice a day, and don’t lose many strands 😝

Also … You can mellow down the smell of onions by adding few ingredients into the hair pack.

Add a ripe banana and a hand full of coriander leaves along with onions. I personally didn’t do this coz I find it difficult to remove the banana from the hair.

Add some hung curd and a hand full of curry leaves along with onions. I couldn’t do this, coz I have colored hair. The curd acts as a bleach and wears
off the color too soon.
That leaves me just with Mr. Onion 😂

But it is fine, I can live with the smell, given Mr Onion has been so kind to my rough, frizzy, falling hair 🙂

So, go ahead you girls, give it a try and do let me know how this works for you….

Also, any further suggestions on how to reduce hairfall using natural hair packs are always welcome  🙂

Amazing pharmacy finds

This weekend was a blast with all the allowed (read – forced) shopping to me !!

Most of the times Mr. hubby imposes a 15 day ban on me for shopping, but just coz I am to go on a long vacation, he let me shop to my heart’s content 🙂

It’s amazing how we women never get enough of  window shopping all those beauty products arranged neatly and lucratively on the shelves. But, I have a thing for pharmacies; I love to browse through some of my favourite pharmaceutical brands.

Two of the best pharmacy outlets, I never fail to visit are Boots Pharmacy and Sebamed Pharmacy, and both of them never fail to impress me with their awesome line of products. The best thing is, they are much cheaper than other contemporary products of the same kind, so I don’t have to think twice !!

Few of the products, I picked up this week are working amazing for my hair and skin, so why not share it with you all 🙂

(The packaging of the products may not be so attractive, but they are effective indeed)

Boots Ingredients Avocado and Macadamia Hair mask

According to Boots – With natural extracts of Avocado & Macadamia, Boots Ingredients Intensive Hair Treatment is specially formulated to condition and tame fine, fly away hair, adding volume. Also helps protect against split ends, whilst leaving hair full of body and shine.

My opinion – Since my hair is all frizzy kind and tends to stand on ends most of the times, I needed a product to tame them and make them look  better than a haystack. This mask hydrates my hair, giving volume at the same time. It is great for summer days and smells amazing. I use it once in a fortnight, for that extra nourishment thingy 😛

I have also tried the Boots Coconut and Almond Intensive Hair Treatment, it is equally effective !!

Boots Lavender Moisturising soap









According to Boots – This gentle soap with a natural moisturizer helps effectively cleanse your skin, keeping it soft and smooth. Suitable for all skin types.

My opinion – It is one of the best bathing soaps I’ve used. Although I love using shower gels, this one is the only soap that has caught my interest. It doesn’t dry the skin like other soaps do and I used it on my face too (just once though). The lavender smells divine !!

Boots Ingredients Coconut and Almond leave in conditioner

According to Boots – This conditioner is specially formulated to moisturise and smooth hair, making them soft and tangle free.

My opinion – Again, this product is for dry hair so it suits me well. I have never tried a leave in conditioner before. I use it after towel drying my hair, especially on the ends, to keep them soft and free of knots. My hair is much softer and has a lingering smell 🙂

One more reason to shop from Boots Pharmacy – It has promotions going on for almost all 12 months of the year, isn’t that great !!

Sebamed Soap – free soap replacement

Sebamed claims– This soap is 100%  soap and alkali free. It is mild & moisturizing, hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic with natural vitamins & amino acids. It helps maintain the same pH as healthy skin – 5.5

My opinion – I would definitely recommend it for someone with oily, acne-prone skin. It is a great substitute for a face wash. Although I’ve stopped getting zits since a year or so, I am too concerned about getting them back any time; keeping them in check with this soap is a good idea. It isn’t harsh on the skin, doesn’t melt much and has a friendly smell 🙂

Sebamed Moisturising body lotion

Sebamed Body Enriched Lotion 200ml

Sebamed claims – With a pH value of 5.5, this moisturising body lotion, preserves and maintains the natural moisture balance of your skin, making it smooth and supple. Regular use tones the skin giving it a youthful appearance.

My opinion – Both of us are extremely happy with the visible after-effects of using this lotion. The skin doesn’t feel tight, it is supple most of the times and absolutely fragrance free !! The wrinkles which tend to become visible, while we are on the wrong side of 30’s seem to be taking time to reach us 🙂

*          *         *

All these products can be shopped online too 😉

Have you ever used these kind of pharmacy products for your skin and hair ?

Get Nailed – 2

The feelings I get, after he left are pathetic. 😦

I know now, why we call them our better halves.

I feel I’ve lost track of everything around me. Luckily I’ve got kids around to keep me occupied. They help me switch my moods easily 🙂

So here are few of the tricky nail arts (and blingy too) I promised about in the earlier post. Check them out…….


Here are some inspired from the nature………..


I love this cute one with shoes………


  And now some fruity ones……(I would almost eat them up !!)

And some crazy stuff……..(I love the skull in the first one)

The party nails with rhinestones……(I guess, straight out of the nail art studio)

And at last I had to put this one, coz it reminded me of something !!!

P.S. – Honestly I have no idea, how to do these nail arts, each one of them !!!

I also wonder, whether some of these nails are actual or fake.

And I guess, most of them must be done at a nail art salon, rather than DIY 🙂

Do let me know which of these you liked………

Picture courtesy Pinterest.


Get Nailed – 1

What a crazy start to the week !!!

While, I was already freaking out with exams of the little ones coming up this week, added to it was a sudden trip of my Mr. X, out of the country.

And as always, he put me in charge of his shopping, hunting and packing of all his stuff to be taken along on the trip. In an earlier post here, I had mentioned how he feels almost lost when shopping without me 🙂 So, I had to give in ultimately.

All the sudden burden had freaked me out and left me wanting of sleep…….I was exhausted.

Instead of going for a post where I need to think and write, I thought why not do a pictorial post. So here are few of the easy to do nail arts which I completely adore.

Being a Science student I always believed, growing nails is unhygienic, and I hurt my little one too if I grow them. But the beautiful nail art options lure me. Wish I could grow my nails to try a few of them …………..enjoyy 🙂

P.S. None of the pictures are mine. Picture courtesy- Pinterest.

Some blingy and tricky nail art ideas coming up in the next post…… there 🙂

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We twist !!

Its been years, I’ve actually tried a different hair do, not because I don’t wish to, but just because my frizzy, curly, almost dry hair don’t let me try them !!

Loads of conditioner and serums are needed to control these tresses, that makes me loose the patience to put them into a different style.

Most of the time, my  hair tend to stand on their ends (literally)….making me look like a spike-head. Like this one –

This style is what I am currently hating

Styling is out of question with these kinda hair; I need to tame this wild grass first.

And then, with these pretty easy to do hair styles, I wish to experiment soon 🙂

Check them out –

The country look
The classic party look
The girl next door look
Messy braided knot


















And if at all I don’t get any one of these correctly and I end up messing my hair further, I would take the short cut and go for this one –

That is the ultimate cut 🙂

And then I would be a happy bunny, with this elegant cut. 🙂

By the way, who’s suggesting me what to go for ?

Heeling away

If only I could walk without tripping, I would love to have all these heels in my closet 🙂

Take a look –

The coolest and the classiest
The sexy beast
This one can never go wrong
Corporates do have choices !!

P.S.– I seriously do not know what brands they are, its just plain simple that I like them, although most of the times I would love to stick to these flats –

The ultimate choice – a no brainer

I know its a strange post, but just in case… 😉