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The Beginning

I can’t just stop blushing today 😀

The reason is the pic of my little one I captured just a few minutes back. It has given me a chance to prove that he is after all mamma’s boy !!

Have a look at it –

He loves his books

Me and my partner, at times, have a casual fight on whom the kids have pooled in genes from. Most of the times the final verdict is that the girl resembles me while the little man resembles his dad; and similarity means both in looks and the character. That offences me a bit, coz I want my boy to be a ‘mamma’s boy’ – although he is, to a certain extent 😉

This afternoon I got a chance to click this random snap, as a proof that the guy too has pooled some genes from me. Look how he sleeps soundly with his newly found love in those little hands. Since they are bedtime stories, they are supposed to be in the bed with him, any time he is sleeping !!

Dad doesn’t ever pick up a book, its only the mum who cajoles them to read all kinds of books at hand. Slowly but firmly, the kids are showing an inclination towards reading, as I have cut down on the TV time. That makes me happy, yay !!


His books should be on the shelf with mine.

He has arranged his book collection (although very few books at the start), neatly along with mine on the shelf. And he proudly adds ” Mumma I read too, I need to place my books on the shelf, can’t let them lie around randomly.”

How responsible and cute that is !!

It’s a new beginning for me.

That reminds me of a proverb – As you sow, so shall you reap. I am already sowing 🙂

The Immortals of Meluha

The Immortals of Meluha (Shiva Trilogy, #1)

Its been more than a month I finished – The Immortals of Meluha by Amish Tripathi, the after-effects are still around !!

It is the first book in the Shiva triology………..two more to go for me 🙂

The cover of the book had me at it.

Usually a book cover has front view of the characters or images.Instead, this one had a well toned back of a warrior with scars on it. Added to it was the trishul, that blew me away. There was an air of mystery.

The aura of Shiva is divine. Be it the Lord Shiva himself or Shiva, the protagonist of the book.

The way it started from the foothills of Mansarovar, I was spellbound by the beauty described. It left me feeling, I was really there, basking in the beauty of nature.

The author must have done some real research work on Indian mythology to put his characters together. The entire journey and the development of all the characters be it Shiva himself, Sati, Nandi, Brahaspati, Veerbhadra…….is in line with the Shivapurana (The mythological story of Lord Shiva).

As a child I was always drawn to mythological characters. Other deities like Lord Ganesha, Hanuman and Lord Krishna have been largely spoken of, in books and as cartoon characters. But Lord Shiva, still remains to me, a mystery.

Amish Tripathi has revisited and revived the character of Shiva, as a normal, cool guy, who is on a journey to discover himself as the Lord Neelkanth (one with the blue throat), the path to truth and the consequences of his actions.

I finished the entire book in just four sittings and am already looking forward to the second part of the triology called – The Secret of Nagas.

Of course I love you…….. till I find someone better……

When I started reading this book by Durjoy Dutta, I was like – facepalm.

Why does everyone from IITs or IIMs or any engineering college, have a story to tell?

And given that lots of my students have taken up engineering as their career, I wondered how many signed copies  would I get from the authors in making !!

As expected the story goes in line with Five Point Someone by Chetan Bhagat, the only difference being the names of the institutions.

It’s all about studies gone wrong, making and breaking of friendships, girls and more girls (sexy ones), lust and night outs (obviously that includes sex), and the characters taking pride in doing so !!

Of course its their story, and we are mere readers, we have no right to comment on whatsoever they write. But I felt the need to write up because in no way, I would want my kids to read these kind of books until they turn 20. And that is not just because the books contain profane language, they also contain the details of how and when and where did they make out.

But as a grown up, I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. We like pretending to be dirty at times 😉

The characters seemed to be real and I could actually see them right in front of me. Now that’s what makes a good writer.

The writing style is simple with very few words which make us reach for the dictionary. That makes this cute, dimpled author so famous, especially among the girls, who are self acclaimed die-hard fans of him.

And you wont believe I ordered a full set of all his five books from India, right away 😀

I finished the entire book in just two sittings of 2 hours each, imagine how engrossed I was with that tween-age story. The plot kept me wanting to read more and more about those kids in the colleges, how they finally made it to get their girls, and their jobs and eventually landed themselves into happily-ever-after slot.Not to mention how they kept on switching girls too 😉

Now that is what’s in fashion these days. Did you ever know  that??

If not, go ahead, get screwed up, and chances are you may end up being a successful writer.

Sarcasm-ingly yours……

The monk who sold his Ferrari

This weekend, I started off with another book, a best seller and the most hyped about I guess – The monk who sold his Ferrari by Robin Sharma.

From all the accolades and the admiration it had gotten around since long, I believed it would be a really good read. But I personally felt it was a bummer. 😛

The story revolves around a successful lawyer, who gives up all his materialistic pleasures, to go into the Himalayas in search of peace and find the true meaning of his life. He then returns and shares the same spiritual preachings with a friend of his.

Of course, the beginning was good and an engrossing one, describing all the stress and frustration of the fast life we live in, but somewhere I felt I lost the contact with it. Not that the content isn’t up to the mark, its actually fantabulous with all the research work the author has done, but I believe it wouldn’t please the fairer sex much.

Mr. Sharma believes that a person needs to get into self search mode, leaving everything behind and wandering away into the woods. Now that’s what I cannot digest.

As a mother, if in any case, I am not happy the way my life is shaping up, and that I need some ‘me time’, I need to reinvent myself by going away into the snow capped mountains and getting all the spiritual ideas from the monks, how many would really not call me selfish to have left behind my children, without a mother?

On a different note, will I be ever able to return back and  look into their eyes without feeling guilty.

Parents have the innate ability to forgive their children in whatever wrong they do, but if you expect the same from children, you would be disappointed. Parents once gone wrong can never be excused, come whatever may.

I do agree, today we live fast lives, under too much of stress, especially the women, juggling all the way between kids and home and work and still feeling guilty about not being good mothers. But I specially would love to salute those mothers who take up home making as a full time work, ditching their careers, just to be with their families.

And then Mr. Robin Sharma, however distressed we are, we would never leave the family and the kids behind to find a fulfilling answer to our existence.

The views expressed here are my own, and may be they change soon, coz I am still halfway through the book…..more to come on this, till then adieus 🙂