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Little Joys of Life <3

As I jot down this post, I am grinning ear to ear 🙂

I have butterflies in my tummy, really huge ones, jumping around, making me feel goose !!!

It has been ages I wrote down something, a long time for someone like me, who needs to vent out quite often 😛

Ohh yess ! I do whine a lot !!

Ahh well! Something made me smile today, and I had to share it with my extended family here 🙂

*     *    *


My girl, got this really nice book from her school library few days back. Being too busy with the chores I didn’t notice it lying on the desk for almost a day ! ( Okay, I did clean the desk, but it still  went unnoticed 😛 )

It was only before parting for the bed, did I notice how the book was molding her thought process !!!

She got off her bed, walked to her school bag and brought out something. While I was too sleepy and almost cross at her not letting me switch off the lights, she smiled, walked up to me and handed me a bunch of flowers saying – “Mamma, I love you !!!”.

I was stunned ! At loss of words ! Coz what I was thinking was, I would scold her for climbing down the bed at this hour of night and make so much of noise.

She then hugged me, and kissed me goodnight….

As she slept peacefully, with her lips curved into a smile, she looked like an angel ! I just felt blessed 🙂

Later that night, I took the book myself and read it all in one go.

It is a must read book for kids and also for frowning mums like me, who forget to notice the little bundles of happiness in our lives.

*     *     *

A day back, I was at my earlier workplace, trying to get at it once again.

Although, things didn’t fall into place, something happened that made me smile 🙂

The receptionist, an old friend, was just casually inquiring of my kids and how were they doing at studies. She couldn’t believe her ears, when I told her, I had two kiddos, who kept me on toes all day. Her jaw dropped, and the only words that came out were  – Teacher, how do you maintain yourself ?!!!! You look too young to be a mother of two ! 😛

I just couldn’t stop laughing out loud ! 😛  We chuckled, and I had to spill the beans to her !

I told her – Have kids and you’ll know how they help you maintain yourself 😛

While walking back home, I just realised, how I was missing out on yoga, I had always been obsessed with !!!

An immediate decision, yess, I am starting yoga again ! That is what keeps me in shape and in peace of mind 🙂

( Who doesn’t love to collect compliments anyways 🙂 )

*     *     *

 I have recently moved into my new home 🙂 sweet little home of my own !

The house still demands a lot of arrangements, but I am at it already, and will finish it by month end… hopefully

Those who went through my earlier post, know how I had been struggling all these days, to get into a stable state of mind.

The things are starting to get straight again, and I am becoming more positive each day.

A big thank you to all of you, who wished me luck, said good words and prayed for me !! You guys keep me going 🙂

*     *     *

Here I shared the little joys of my life 🙂

Did you come across anything that made you smile today ?

The Beginning

I can’t just stop blushing today 😀

The reason is the pic of my little one I captured just a few minutes back. It has given me a chance to prove that he is after all mamma’s boy !!

Have a look at it –

He loves his books

Me and my partner, at times, have a casual fight on whom the kids have pooled in genes from. Most of the times the final verdict is that the girl resembles me while the little man resembles his dad; and similarity means both in looks and the character. That offences me a bit, coz I want my boy to be a ‘mamma’s boy’ – although he is, to a certain extent 😉

This afternoon I got a chance to click this random snap, as a proof that the guy too has pooled some genes from me. Look how he sleeps soundly with his newly found love in those little hands. Since they are bedtime stories, they are supposed to be in the bed with him, any time he is sleeping !!

Dad doesn’t ever pick up a book, its only the mum who cajoles them to read all kinds of books at hand. Slowly but firmly, the kids are showing an inclination towards reading, as I have cut down on the TV time. That makes me happy, yay !!


His books should be on the shelf with mine.

He has arranged his book collection (although very few books at the start), neatly along with mine on the shelf. And he proudly adds ” Mumma I read too, I need to place my books on the shelf, can’t let them lie around randomly.”

How responsible and cute that is !!

It’s a new beginning for me.

That reminds me of a proverb – As you sow, so shall you reap. I am already sowing 🙂

The Immortals of Meluha

The Immortals of Meluha (Shiva Trilogy, #1)

Its been more than a month I finished – The Immortals of Meluha by Amish Tripathi, the after-effects are still around !!

It is the first book in the Shiva triology………..two more to go for me 🙂

The cover of the book had me at it.

Usually a book cover has front view of the characters or images.Instead, this one had a well toned back of a warrior with scars on it. Added to it was the trishul, that blew me away. There was an air of mystery.

The aura of Shiva is divine. Be it the Lord Shiva himself or Shiva, the protagonist of the book.

The way it started from the foothills of Mansarovar, I was spellbound by the beauty described. It left me feeling, I was really there, basking in the beauty of nature.

The author must have done some real research work on Indian mythology to put his characters together. The entire journey and the development of all the characters be it Shiva himself, Sati, Nandi, Brahaspati, Veerbhadra…….is in line with the Shivapurana (The mythological story of Lord Shiva).

As a child I was always drawn to mythological characters. Other deities like Lord Ganesha, Hanuman and Lord Krishna have been largely spoken of, in books and as cartoon characters. But Lord Shiva, still remains to me, a mystery.

Amish Tripathi has revisited and revived the character of Shiva, as a normal, cool guy, who is on a journey to discover himself as the Lord Neelkanth (one with the blue throat), the path to truth and the consequences of his actions.

I finished the entire book in just four sittings and am already looking forward to the second part of the triology called – The Secret of Nagas.