Scented Delights

scented candles Scented Candles: The Toxic Health Risks

I smell the lemons.

I smell the oranges.

I smell the cinnamon, the chocolate, the macaroon too !!

I know its funny, but that is the way it is…… 🙂

It was a candle haul for me this weekend. I love scented candles, especially the ones at Bath and Body works.

Scented candles can uplift your senses, add a touch of cheer to the mood and calm down your anxieties.

There are various chemical side-effects associated with scented candles though, I prefer using the ones made with essential oils and the ones with lead-free wicks.

Bath and Body Works have their semi-annual sale going on right now, and I collected products at an amazing 75% discount, yay !!

I stocked up candles for not less than six months; the bonus being, the anti-stress candles I happened to discover there 🙂

The flavours of the candles are distinct and strongly aromatic; while I light the candle in my bedroom, I can actually smell it in the entire house !!

Have a look at my collection of candles :

























The flavours featured are  Anti-stress candles : Orange and ginger essential oils, Eucalyptus and Spearmint essential oils

Other candles : Candies sugar-plum, Nuts, Cinnamon and pumpkin,Lavender macaroon, Oatmeal raisin cookie, Fresh lemon, Lavender vanilla, Dark chocolate, Hot buttered rum, Chocolate mint.

*             *               *

I also bumped into a sale at Lifestyle, and bought few more scented candles (yea, crazy, that’s what my hubby thought too !! )

The flavours at Lifestyle are fresh and more of  a lighter kind.

Take a look at them too :






Featured flavours : Fresh orange, Fresh linen, French lavender, Midnight Iris, Fruit Sorbet, Vanilla, Bamboo and Citronella

So my weekend was scented, flavoury, soothing and relaxing; hope yours was good too 🙂

Do you like to light up your room with candles?

Which flavour do you like the most ?


18 thoughts on “Scented Delights

  1. The collection looks fab! The chemical effects have been holding me back till now.. I will check out the essential oil ones..

  2. I love scented candles too! And everything from Bath and Body Works. I have some vanilla scented candles which I light every once in a while when I want the house to feel pretty.

  3. i love candles too, but prefer potpourri or oil diffusers as i somehow dont like the charred smell of the cotton wick in the scented candle favourite fragrance which i collected from kerala while touring is OIL OF VETIVER which can be used as an essential oil on the body as well as potpourri and oil diffusers too. it has great health benefits too especially for woman and when you wear it with every hour that passes the fragrance gets better 🙂

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