Daily Archives: June 25, 2012

The realization.


It has been 2 years, and eventually I have come to terms with myself. You have given me the best ups and downs in my life 🙂


I thought, both of us would be together, always, as friends. But you puzzle me with your attitude.

How? I am a – flat on face – fellow.

True, but things do change. Don’t they?

You had your own circles, your acquaintances, your friends, which were much better than me.

That doesn’t make a difference to our relationship. Does it?

Yes, it does. Slowly I realised, you did not need me, you just had me, coz I was around. And if I wasn’t there, you would never miss me.


I learnt, I was more dependent on  you than you. You had your priorities over me, and we could be nothing more than just friends, and that too with a condition – I was always around, but you were not.

How can you say that?

Go back in time and think, when would you login and talk to me.

Whenever I am free, or online, and you are online too !!

No, wrong, you would talk to me, whenever you would feel low, you would be out of mood, or you would have no one else to talk to……think again, and you will find me right.

That is because, I know you would always be there for me. You have always been a support, while I need an advice, or need consolation, or just need to vent out. You are the one, I can talk to, about anything and everything around me. You are more like my personal diary. We have no lies, we have no hides !!

Yes, I agree, I am always there for you, but what about you, can I count on you ? I still feel I don’t have you. 

Then, it is your wish.

It is never about my wish, it is always your wish ; whether you wish to add me, delete me, block me, or add me back….things have always been according to your wish.

So you say, I am not a good friend?

No, I just say, I am a your friend, you are not.

This discussion is meaningless, you can think whatever you want to and do whatever you feel like.

You know, I have a freaky girlfriend to take care of, and my shitty exams bugging me. Instead of being on my side, you are blaming me for not being around !!

That is what, I missed you when you weren’t around, and I hate you for that.

Are we fighting again?

May be, because that is how our conversations end every time.

*              *                 *

Have  you ever witnessed this kind of a love-hate relationship?

P.S. This is a true incident 🙂