Daily Archives: June 5, 2012

How much is too much

Children using gadgets


I recently came across a survey which pointed out that watching television was actually good for children.

They argue, that watching TV enhances the vocabulary of the children, helps them distinguish between good and evil, develops a positive approach in them to fight against the odds, imparts information they would otherwise be deprived of, and provides entertainment while they are bored.

Well, I may sound conventional, but that is not what I agree with completely. Everything comes in this world with its pros and cons.

I believe, electronic gadgets confine the children to a smaller space. It makes them addicted to the virtual world of media and information. They lose their ability to socialize and understand the perspective of others.

Are we not exposing them to too much of technology?

Given the extremely harsh weather conditions (extreme heat and extreme cold), in the UAE, we are forced to stay indoors most of the time. Even if the springs and autumns are pleasant, the remote place where I stay, doesn’t have enough facilities for sport. That leaves kids with the only option of being glued to electronic devices, as the TV or the iphone or the laptop.

There always is a conflict between me and the children, on deciding how much time should be spent watching TV. And it is difficult for me to keep them away from it as they do not have any other activity on their mind.

Yes, I know, it’s a mother’s duty to diverge their mind and broaden their thinking horizons, so as to come out of the electronic trap. But it ain’t that easy !!

Our typical weekend schedule goes like this –

Kids- watching TV………….Dad- busy with the Iphone………….Mom- in the kitchen

Kids- busy with the laptop……Dad- watching TV…………………Mom- in the kitchen

Kids- fighting for the Iphone……….Dad- watching TV………..Mom- busy with laundry

Kids- back to TV……………….Dad- dozing off…………………..Mom- busy cleaning

It is not that I don’t try to make them read books, or play indoor games, or help them in creative crafting. But that gets over soon, and they are back to their gadgets.

Added to all this is the continued interest of the dad as well in the electronic gadgets, he has proudly spent money on.

That leaves me with a question – Am I not a good parent? Is there anything that I can really do to improve this condition ?

Should I become a dictator and cut down on the screen time totally, should I be stubborn and make them watch only the informative channels (but they love cartoons), or should I fight with my partner to act rationally and indulge in more activities with kids.

But all of this seems to be quite impossible to me.

The key lies in the balance. What do you suggest?