Daily Archives: June 10, 2012

Chocolate in any size and shape – m & m’s

After lunch, I always crave for a chocolate (kiddish, I know)

Since I cleaned my fridge just yesterday, there wasn’t a chocolate left in it (kids finished them all, while I was cleaning)

After fiddling with whatever was in there, my hands fell on a bag of m & m’s.

I was lucky enough to be able to eat them all alone; I dont like to share my chocolate. Period.

Those tiny chocolates melting in my mouth with the crunchiest peanuts, was a perfect dessert.

The moment I see them, I melt
Cant have enough of these tiny chocs
half the packet is already eaten up !!









Oops, I should eat a handful, re-seal the pack and hide it in the fridge, before my army is back from the school. They sure give me a tough competition for chocolate eating 🙂

(Yess, I gulp more chocolates than my kids 😛 )

We all love m&m’s, don’t we?

Are you a chocoholic too? What is your favourite chocolate ?