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The lines crossed – final part

Continued from The lines crossed 3

” How dare you do that, you utterly disgust me !!”, she typed furiously and hit the send button. Not being able to connect with him, had made her go nuts !!

One year precisely, and she had been fighting with herself to survive, with all her crappy thoughts about the devil. She was being a judgemental bitch.

Moments later she realised, she had done something wrong. What if he got angry with her, for that mail she sent a minute back, what if he didn’t reply at all?

He did reply though. “OK” , was the short and sweet answer.

Her head had started spinning by now. She disgusted herself. She felt she was being mocked at.

A month later

Other than checking her mails, she had abandoned her computer. One look at that machine, and she was reminded of the past. She hated that feeling. She desired to be happy once more.

One fine day, she was being grumpy again. Irrationally irritable.

No, it was not her monthly cycle playing the pranks, it was the unexpected email, she had received that morning.

It read ” I got a good job, am moving out of the country soon. Bbye and take care”

A tear trickled down her cheek, a chill went down her spine, she had almost fainted. She felt, she lost a part of her own. She was devastated, to say the least.

Gathering herself,she had a glass of chilled water and she smiled, mysteriously!!

Smiled ??

Yes, she smiled, coz something had made her smile 🙂

She was happy for him. He was successful, and in a position, she always wanted him to be. She felt proud, he had achieved it. She was glad he had finally got what he had always dreamt of – success, money and recognition, and all that by himself. He had no godfather, no savings; A well deserved success it was!!

She respected him from within, “Kudos”, she whispered and smiled again.

All the angst, the frustration, the hatred had dissolved into thin air, what was left was just love, disguised as respect.

She felt as light as a feather. She felt relieved.

Two years later

Her heart skipped a beat again. She felt something in the air around. Something awkward that was making her feel uneasy. She looked around and was amused.

World is a small place – she thought.

They exchanged glances and smiled. The devil was there, looking smart and dapper,in his crisp suit, with a charming lady by his side. They were at a friend’s wedding reception.

She had been ageing gracefully, but suddenly at this moment, her visible grey strands started bothering her.She wanted to look perfect.

He walked up to her. ” Hey there, how are you?” , he asked smiling.

With the same height difference as always, she had to look up to him.She was already startled and mesmerized. “Good ” , she replied, fumbling.

” Meet her, she is my wife, you remember my girlfriend back then?” he asked her,  pointing to his beautiful lady.

“And I am back in the city, same house !!” he added promptly.

” You got a pretty wife, and you look good together”, she replied.

They exchanged smiles and looked like a cute couple, very much in love.

Five  years later

He rushed to open the door, only to find his old neighbour holding something in his wrinkled hands.

“What is this” ,  the devil asked.

“It is a packet for you, someone left it yesterday noon, while you were out.”

“Who was it, you should have asked for the identity and the phone number.”

“It was a someone saying, a lady left it as her last wish.”

He was skeptical on opening that mysterious gift. Since it was for him, he couldn’t resist the urge either.  He slowly tore open the gift wrap.

Lots of neatly printed papers, arranged in a stack, and a letter in a red envelope, that is what it exactly contained.

” Go get this printed, couldn’t find anyone else to share my secrets with, hope you don’t mind. I trust you. Rose…….”

It was her biography. He ruffled through the pages, speechless.

His eyes welled up, for the first time, as he noticed the title of the biography. It read – Roses Bleed.

” I will miss you bitch”, he whispered to himself.