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Little Joys of Life <3

As I jot down this post, I am grinning ear to ear 🙂

I have butterflies in my tummy, really huge ones, jumping around, making me feel goose !!!

It has been ages I wrote down something, a long time for someone like me, who needs to vent out quite often 😛

Ohh yess ! I do whine a lot !!

Ahh well! Something made me smile today, and I had to share it with my extended family here 🙂

*     *    *


My girl, got this really nice book from her school library few days back. Being too busy with the chores I didn’t notice it lying on the desk for almost a day ! ( Okay, I did clean the desk, but it still  went unnoticed 😛 )

It was only before parting for the bed, did I notice how the book was molding her thought process !!!

She got off her bed, walked to her school bag and brought out something. While I was too sleepy and almost cross at her not letting me switch off the lights, she smiled, walked up to me and handed me a bunch of flowers saying – “Mamma, I love you !!!”.

I was stunned ! At loss of words ! Coz what I was thinking was, I would scold her for climbing down the bed at this hour of night and make so much of noise.

She then hugged me, and kissed me goodnight….

As she slept peacefully, with her lips curved into a smile, she looked like an angel ! I just felt blessed 🙂

Later that night, I took the book myself and read it all in one go.

It is a must read book for kids and also for frowning mums like me, who forget to notice the little bundles of happiness in our lives.

*     *     *

A day back, I was at my earlier workplace, trying to get at it once again.

Although, things didn’t fall into place, something happened that made me smile 🙂

The receptionist, an old friend, was just casually inquiring of my kids and how were they doing at studies. She couldn’t believe her ears, when I told her, I had two kiddos, who kept me on toes all day. Her jaw dropped, and the only words that came out were  – Teacher, how do you maintain yourself ?!!!! You look too young to be a mother of two ! 😛

I just couldn’t stop laughing out loud ! 😛  We chuckled, and I had to spill the beans to her !

I told her – Have kids and you’ll know how they help you maintain yourself 😛

While walking back home, I just realised, how I was missing out on yoga, I had always been obsessed with !!!

An immediate decision, yess, I am starting yoga again ! That is what keeps me in shape and in peace of mind 🙂

( Who doesn’t love to collect compliments anyways 🙂 )

*     *     *

 I have recently moved into my new home 🙂 sweet little home of my own !

The house still demands a lot of arrangements, but I am at it already, and will finish it by month end… hopefully

Those who went through my earlier post, know how I had been struggling all these days, to get into a stable state of mind.

The things are starting to get straight again, and I am becoming more positive each day.

A big thank you to all of you, who wished me luck, said good words and prayed for me !! You guys keep me going 🙂

*     *     *

Here I shared the little joys of my life 🙂

Did you come across anything that made you smile today ?

I love you Mathematics !!


I always was a Math lover 🙂

For most of the high school students, it is a tricky subject to worry about, for me it was always a stress buster.

I loved to solve the tricky numbers, play with them, do all sort of operations on them and finally end up elated, unlike many of my friends. They called me a nerd or a jerk or whatever…….;)

No wonder, I ended up being a Math teacher, with a major in Sciences though. And as much as I love to work with maths, I enjoy teaching it.

My students often complain, they hate maths, coz it’s so tricky and unpredictable. It wants them to be perfect all the time, which they cannot be……..

I think the other way round. It teaches us to be perfect, accurate and precise. If we are good at Math, we can be good, practically at anything.Sounds weird though 😀

Its been years I’ve taught Math to a number of students, but never have I been so happy about the subject, as much I am today. I sense a feeling of completeness in me.

Recently I got a chance to guide a mentally challenged child, for Math. It’s not that he is that dumb. He can do all the addition and subtraction correctly. He is clumsy only with multiplications and divisions, that too, if they involve decimals. He has the basic knowledge, but his basic computations go wrong, silly mistakes to blame. I just need to make him focus and practice.

Whatever his limitations may be, but he is too humble to thank me for every step I teach him till he solves a problem.

The hint of gratitude, the smile on his face, makes me feel special. He reinforces my faith in myself. He makes me feel like a teacher, who is doing her job well, something I am supposed to do  on this earth. And he chuckles as he says – I like Math, because you teach me 🙂

He really makes me realize I am capable of giving back so much to the society.

I have taught many students over years, just to find a majority of them, ungrateful, disrespectful and thankless to their teachers. Though it is a profession, which holds high moral values, teachers are rarely the role models for their successful students.

Many a times, I’ve forced myself to switch jobs, just to keep myself blowing up furiously with this kind of behaviour.

But somewhere, there does lie  the path, I need to follow to attain self realisation, and I am glad, I finally discovered it 🙂

A love letter

Before you read on, I would like to clarify, I don’t love you and this isn’t a love letter.

It’s just that, before I actually start hating you, I need to tell you something important.

You kept on entering my life on and off, sometimes like a cool breeze with a lemony scent to it, sometimes like a storm which shatters everything, but mostly a trouble-shooter.

Every time you came, you left a trail behind.

I was the most vulnerable (not desperate) creature you found out on the net, and eventually we started fiddling with our lives. There was a feel good factor attached with your talks coz the chat took me off momentarily from the pains and pressures of my life.

You are no doubt the smartest of all I’ve met, but that doesn’t allow you to put me down, especially when I am a senior, by way too many years !!

And I am damn sure, just as you never understood my words, you would never understand my silence as well. Its plain silly to expect that out of someone as selfish as you.

Nonetheless, I keep coming back to you, just to get another tight slap in my face.

Not any more.

We have always shared the love-hate relationship, just to realise that we cant stand the sight of each other. Its repelling.

To be precise, it’s not you who don’t care, its me who doesn’t need the interference.

Thanks for letting me discover, that a second life does exist  🙂

Love is in the air ……………..

Yeah so its Valentine day once again, uggh !!! Aint it becoming boring now……wat say??

For all those singles out there, it’s a day to express their independence from slavery of women, making others jealous of their girl-less lives and indulging in some splurging act, minus the girl.

For all those teens with new flushes of hormones everyday, valentine day does have a meaning. They feel love is in the air for them. Well not to blame them at all, mother nature gave them the liberty of feeling so in the teens 🙂

For all those who are still trying to persuade their girls to be hooked with them, this day is one more opportunity to break the ice and make her swoon on them.

For all those going through difficult phase in their relationships, ahh well, they got a new chance to start afresh and give one more go to it.

For those newly weds, it’s a lovey dovey day, swooning on each other, drooling, going really nuts, wearing pink and red, giving gifts and then finally ending up bankrupt

For those already wed for years, its nothing new wishing happy valentine, it’s too boring and old to be expressed, coz they usually don’t have the time to break up the routine and indulge into  the luxury of valentine day.

Well but for me, the V day is yet another day to express my love to my kids and the family. It isn’t even needed to mention those three words. Actions say it all. All that we do for each other, everyday, every time, expresses love for each other. We are too closely bonded to be affected by the presence of valentine’s day in our calenders.We do not expect, we do not complain, and still are in love.

That’s what I call a perfect Valentine day…….coz  love is always in the air