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Time flies….

Sorry for being MIA since long (umm… i know there can’t be an excuse), but believe me I’ve turned into an absolute crazy zombie right now !!

The culprit ? ….Well, the extra lengthy summer vacations that the kids are enjoying, driving me nuts all the time 😛

Apparently, we all love kids, but not their vacations, not at least me !!

As a teenager, I always hated having kids around. I believed they stress their parents and make them go insane, and I stuck to this prejudice even after having my own kids………….coz they really do exactly the same.

……..ok fine, before you start raising your eyebrows, I admit I was  just kidding 😀

But this isn’t the exact reason of my freaking behaviour right now…….its something else,stuck on my mind.

Back in India, all the relatives and friends who managed to meet us after one long year of exile in a foreign country, all of them, noticed something common.

They all pointed out, and how, that my girl had grown up !!

As a mom this freaked me out. Of course, she was growing, and I knew that, but this sudden attack of the human species around me, intruding into my ten-year old girl’s growth was a bit awkward for me to take 😦

I immediately became a helicopter mom, monitoring her eating habits and bugging her to watch her weight. Luckily she never got nagged enough to stop eating.

I agree, she is a healthy eater, a happy child and is physically active too. She is perfectly the height and weight of her age. But as a mom, for me she was still a kid.

My fickle mind was out of  admitting the fact that she was into her growing years.

So obviously, while all her hormones were  to start playing tricks soon, and her girly curves were gradually being visible, those people around me had to pinpoint that she had grown up !!

While I say this, I am still freaked out on how do I explain her all about the things she needs to know at this age. More worse, what if she questions me inquisitively and I can’t provide a valid answer?

Luckily, kids these days get most of their dose of information from school. But I am always afraid of the negative effects of that half cooked girly gossips there 😛

Hope I am able to provide her with all the information she needs, on time and positively.

Time flies, for sure…………my kid girl is growing up !!

P.S. I hate being a helicoptering parent

Suggestions are always welcome……….