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I have a story to tell……….

……..the story of a girl, who was friendly but shy,

a girl, who was pretty, not beautiful though,

a girl, with jet black curly hair, so curly that her friends called her Maggie !!!

little girls curly hairstyle

A girl, who loved beads and buttons and all small things round.

Maggie loved to collect beads and pebbles of various colours, and put them in a small glass jar. Often she would just sit and gaze at them.

Once while her mother was busy grinding the dry spices, she slowly slipped out with a few black peppercorns in her small hands. A while later she entered back crying, with her nostrils filled with those peppercorns. She could not breathe. And that was her first experiment with life 🙂

A girl, who loved to explore new things.

Maggie loved to unscrew and screw back all her toys, while she was a kid. Her dad always mocked- My kiddo is gonna be a mechanical engineer 😛

The curious nature did not change, while she got into her primary school. Once, she put in her compass rounder (the geometrical instrument to draw circles), into an open electrical plug, and got the first shock of her life. She let out the loudest shriek, and stood there dumb, with everything black and grey in front of her eyes 🙂

A girl, who always loved to help her mother.

Her mother, for Maggie, was the best cook in this world. She never lost a chance to learn cooking, while helping her out.

While grating carrot for the most delicious carrot pudding, she grated her thumbnail along with the carrot. A big chunk of the thumb lay bleeding, and while she was being attended by the doctor, she almost fainted.

A girl, who loved to experiment with herself.

In her teens, with all those hormones flushing, Maggie loved to browse through fashion and lifestyle magazines.

Given those frizzy, extremely curly hair, she had been bored of her hairstyle. But her mother, would not let her cut those beautiful curls. Out of frustration, she took a scissor and cut out a thick section of hair just near the forehead. She thought she would get nice bangs, but instead, ended up having spikes. The hairstyle now was so awkward, that she had to be at home for a week till her hair grew back 😛

A girl who was intrigued by the art of sewing.

While Maggie was small, her mother would stitch up new dresses for her with all the beautiful fabrics available at hand. She would come up with beautiful patterns and dress up her daughter like a doll.

Being interested in the stitching skills of her mom, Maggie always observed carefully, how the sewing machine worked. One night, while they had guests for dinner, she slowly slipped her finger into the sewing machine, and rotated the wheel. Pop……went the needle through her finger and out from the other side of her first digit. In utter pain, she stood there jumping, till her mom noticed it and relieved her of the pain. She determined, never to learn stitching, since then 😛

A girl, who loved sunshine, and breeze and cycling.

Maggie enjoyed cycling, while she was a growing child. Mostly, because her mother believed, she would grow taller by cycling.

She loved how her dress would ruffle in the cool breeze, while she would cycle away on a summer morning. She would dress up in flowy dresses to hear her dress ruffle in the wind.If not the dress, a long scarf would serve the purpose. One such morning, her scarf got entangled in the rear wheel of her cycle. And before she could be strangled to death by the pull, a passer-by rescued her.

*           *          *

All of us have childhood tales to tell.

Do share some memorable moments of yours………..