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The guilt potion

Damn, I did it again…..someone come kill me now..

A strict diet follower since 15 days finally gave up to chocolate, yes the evil chocolate..

And when I was having  that devilish chocolate drink, not a bit did I think of that fat on my tummy that needs to be cut down !!

Not my fault…….the muffins in the fridge were screaming to be used up, and that jar of Nutella was already whispering into my ears to be picked up….see, not my fault at all 😉

My heart melts at chocolates and I eventually gave in to both of them and decided to ditch the diet plan for just 15 min……not mean      ( oh yess !!)

If I am not supposed to eat chocolates, they should stop making them \m/

The chocolate muffins in the fridge were a few days old, and were starting to harden a bit, didn’t have the heart to throw them away, so decided to make up something new from the leftovers……..shhh who said that..?

But before I feed my kids with the new experimented drink, I have to try it myself, and yes that’s compulsory.

I googled a bit to find out new recipes to recycle those muffins…oops

But the deal was, it should be instant, I hate elaborate procedures (wonder how I bake a cake, sometimes !!)

Cake pops and crumb cakes were all around, but I wasn’t that patient to try them out.

Finally had to dig out this guilt potion from the back of my mind.

The rich chocolate devil 🙂

Left over chocolate muffin drink


Chocolate muffins

Cold milk



Blend together a muffin, a cup of milk and a tablespoon of Nutella .

Depending on how chocolatey you want it, you can add or delete the Nutella.

Again, if you want it less thick, add more milk.

Done !!

Just drink it and you don’t know how guilty it makes you feel……specially if you watch those calories while you eat.

I still can’t get over the fact that I had it in the morning, then to make up for it I had to skip my lunch….poor me .

Btw, I am still worried of those 3 kgs I need to shed to reach my goal of 50 kg weight…..keep away those chocolates, chips and cookies 🙂