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Three in a row – Award season for me

Blogging becomes fun when you constantly get that recognition.

The month of June arrives with a season of awards for me !!

Can’t thank Colline enough for nominating me for the Tell me about yourself award 

Colline @ Colline’s blog is one lady who never fails to inspire me, she is a constant support system. I thank her for being so generous and positive. I always wish her all the best in whatever she does.

Next, I thank Kat for nominating me for the Very Inspiring Blogger award and the One Lovely Blog award.

Kat @ Diary of a PHAT kat is a blogger friend. I need to ask her once the logic behind the strange name of her blog 🙂 She is one person to look at, for those exotic DIY nail arts and some great cooking recipes. Thank you friend….

While I accept these awards from them, there are a few rules I need to follow :

  1. Thank the person who nominated you and link back to their blog. I would like to thank Colline and Kat over and over again, their links are up there 🙂
  2. Write seven interesting things about yourself. I’ll try to be as honest as possible 🙂   1) I can lie pretty very well, without being caught…. 2) I do not like to share my chocolate with anyone…..3) I hated having kids, and I have two now !!…..4) I had never been to my college canteen….5) I have mastered a subject in which I usually failed at my secondary school ( I took it up as a challenge )….6) I hate my profession as a teacher……7) I love wasting my time, surfing the net, playing a sport or sleeping 🙂
  3. Choose seven nominees and leave a comment on each of the blogs letting them know they’ve been nominated This is the toughest part in accepting an award. I can’t actually decide on only seven coz there are umpteen I follow and enjoy. I have nominated the following though, with no offence to ones not nominated :
  • Tell Me About Yourself Award-

The lovely lady at ladylovelyblogger

Sonali Dalal at Impressions of my world

Kat at Diary of a PHATkat

The lady at Ladyromp

The fashionista at Fashionatress

Rose at Faraway from home

  • Very Inspiring Blogger award and One Lovely Blog award-

Mariquia at Mariquia

Stephanie at a whisk and a spoon

Brigitte at Brigitte’s Banter

The mom at Tales from the Mom-side

Stephanie at Simply Stephanie

Rose at Faraway from home

Colline at Colline’s Blog

Thanks all for choosing me and finding me worthy of these awards.

Enjoy your day scrolling through my favourite blogs 🙂

Thrilled and speechless – My first blogging award !!!

Totally dumbfounded when I have to say a thank you 🙂

Many many thanks to Evillychic of  Faraway from home for nominating me for this award. Just can’t tell you how excited I am !!!

In order to accept the award, I need to do the following:

  1. Thank and link back to the person who nominated me. (Thank you Rose once again!!)
  2. Answer the ten questions. (I did below) 🙂
  3. Share ten random facts/thoughts about myself. (This is the toughest part I believe, writing down about myself isn’t that easy !!!)
  4. Nominate seven worthy blogs for the Kreative Blogger Award. (This is difficult too, coz I really love a lot of them )

Here come the 10 questions:

  • What’s your favorite song?

I love a lot of songs, all peppy and catchy, coz I love to dance.

One particular favorite is tough to choose, my choices change drastically with my mood swings 🙂

But then okay, umm I think it would be Green day – Wake me up when September ends

And one more, Florida – Right round (I never get the lyrics though!!)

As for Indian music, I love all romantic and cabaret numbers by R D Burman, check them here and here.

I also love Sufi music.

  •  What’s your favorite dessert?

Must admit, I have a very evil sweet tooth 🙂

I need to eat something sweet immediately after my lunch and dinner both. (Thank God, I don’t gain weight so easily!!!)

A favorite dessert would be a Rosogolla, or a chocolate pudding, or simply a chocolate bar ……

Indian sweet – Rosogolla
  • What do you do when you’re upset?

I get upset very frequently, I can be temperamental and irritating some times.

The best thing I can do then is isolate myself and read a book, or take a stroll in the garden. That really calms me down and makes me bearable to others 🙂

  •  Which is your favorite pet?

I’ve never had a pet till this time. So I really do not know what to answer here.

But then I guess, I would always love to have colorful fishes as pets, maybe because they are fuss-free, do not demand much of our time, and almost no maintenance pets 🙂

  • Which do you prefer, black or white?

Both actually!!

My wardrobe is bursting with black and white outfits. At times I get comments from my friends asking me don’t I like colors??

  •  What is your biggest fear?

Its crystal clear……..My biggest fear is to leave my kids alone, without us around to take care of them.

I have seen of what happens to parentless kids; their life becomes a pain.

I never want that, so I pray God to give me and my partner a longer life to be able to make my kids capable of taking care of themselves independently.

  •  What is your attitude mostly?

My kids call me a cool momma 🙂

I cannot be cribbing and complaining all the time. I am a happy-go-lucky type, easy to be a friend and a worst enemy, if dared to!!!

I make my own rules and stick to them. And I am a perfectionist.

Ten Random Facts/Thoughts about me:

  1. I strictly do not like anyone interfering in my personal life, it pisses me off totally.
  2. I build my own opinions, I do not go by a word of mouth, and everything has to be proved.
  3. I was a science student, hence too obsessed with cleanliness and hygiene.
  4. I am a fitness freak. I just wonder how women tend to put on weight easily after kids, there are always ways to shed that baby fat. Start with self control.
  5. I teach my kids, nothing is impossible. Never say that, life is full of possibilities.
  6. My better half is my moral support. He is the only one in this entire world, who can exactly read what is on my mind 🙂
  7. I never wanted babies, I hated the fuss they created.Now I am a biological mother of two.
  8. I am an art lover, be it music, dance or painting.
  9. I hate my profession as a teacher. More so because the students these days have become thankless and ungrateful. We were a different kind.
  10. I was never so good at English, in my school days. So being able to write a blog, which is nominated for this award within a short span of one month, elates me.

And now, the 7 nominees of Kreativ Blogger Awards are:

ishitaunblogged – We share almost the same food fetish.

le zoe musings – The pictures she puts up are beautiful.

iamnineteen – This bunch of girls sounds as crazy as I am.

Colline’s Blog – She inspires me a lot and never fails to reply back.

hungryhinny – I am a foodie, and all her recipes are worth trying.

mommyadventures – I love the adventures of this crazy momma.

and a Gujarati blog     planetJV – He is one of those first inspirations of blogging.

Kindly visit the blogs of the nominees, and check them out.

I am sure you will love the way they express themselves and their passions.

Thank you all the followers and Wordpress too!!!