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Adieus Amigos

While the bags and baggages are all packed, the kids ready and excited to board the flight, I already feel butterflies in my tummy !!

Strange it is,I am not new to flying, still every time I have to endure this phase of anxiety and eagerness before the flight takes off (and lands too !!)

Only if vacations could be fun in India (yea, I am not cribbing 😛 )

While the little ones have been busy ticking off the dates in their calender, counting the days left to meet their grandparents after one long year, it amazes me, how living away only makes us grow fonder of each other 🙂

With no internet access out there, blogging would be just out of the question for almost a month or two; and I would madly miss it. It is always fun to connect to lovely friends on  blogosphere, sharing and interacting everyday.

I take your leave with a wonderful thought, a wish, a hope :

Happiness is a state of mind

Hope to connect back soon.

Till then, Adieus Amigos……..