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Hair fall rescue

Okay okay, I know I have been MIA since long, but believe me, I missed you guys as much !

Being a mother of two demanding demons, preparing them for their final exams kept me on my toes all the time 😭

To be honest, I really wanted to go and write the exams myself to save me the trouble of being at their back for studies every single minute !!

Can’t even explain how stressed out and sleepless I have been since two months now ; I need a serious break ( note Mr Hubby )

And the madness that came with exams has taken a toll on my skin and hair :|. It has been days now I’m losing hair in a bunch and I feel, if this continues I’d be the one defining women baldness soon !

So, I searched and searched the internet and found an easy DIY to rescue myself from hair loss. BUT … I cannot assure you it works for all, coz I’m no certified beautician to prescribe it to anyone. Give it a try, if you wish to, it’s entirely your choice !!


So here it goes – take an onion, blend it in a mixture with some water till it becomes a smooth paste. Make sections of your hair and apply the paste to coat all of your hair evenly. Leave it for as long as you can ( say 30 mins minimum) and wash it off with a mild shampoo , followed by a conditioner. Simple, right ??



#1 It ain’t easy to keep an onion on your head for so long. Your eyes might sting making you cry, and you might have to resist the urge to wash it off anytime within 5 mins of application. Moreover I had strong feelings of some Indian gravy cooking in my head with lots of onions and tomatoes ! I have honestly started hating Indian curries after this try 😭

#2 The smell of the onion is so pungent, it won’t come off with one wash. So please, please try it at your own risk. The smell lingers for 2 days on me, and then wears off. But it is practically like living with onions on your head for 2 long days !! ( ask yourself if you can handle that )
Yes ! The smell is yuck !! More horrible than eggs 😱

BUT …..


The benefits are amazing ! Just in a week I noticed the reduction in my hair fall . Moreover the locks feel more lustrous and manageable.
Earlier , I avoided combing my hair much, because I was worried of losing more hair, but now, I comb twice a day, and don’t lose many strands 😝

Also … You can mellow down the smell of onions by adding few ingredients into the hair pack.

Add a ripe banana and a hand full of coriander leaves along with onions. I personally didn’t do this coz I find it difficult to remove the banana from the hair.

Add some hung curd and a hand full of curry leaves along with onions. I couldn’t do this, coz I have colored hair. The curd acts as a bleach and wears
off the color too soon.
That leaves me just with Mr. Onion 😂

But it is fine, I can live with the smell, given Mr Onion has been so kind to my rough, frizzy, falling hair 🙂

So, go ahead you girls, give it a try and do let me know how this works for you….

Also, any further suggestions on how to reduce hairfall using natural hair packs are always welcome  🙂