I, me, myself :)

Hola folks !!

I know it’s been a while I met you all, a long long time actually !!

It is again that time, when I really feel the need to jot down something crazy , straight out of the crap box, called my mind ! 😝

It sometimes happens that we just overlook ourselves, in the process of loving someone, trying to feel closer and feel wanted…..
But what actually happens is strange , leaves us blank and empty !

We lose the essence of our life, the motto of our existence and the joy of being that ‘myself’.

Not easy ! Right ! It is not easy to live for others !

And while we decide to dedicate our life to someone, become their shadow, live their life …… We are taken for granted !

I agree, we shouldn’t be selfish, but then, I also do believe, if we don’t be a bit selfish, we can’t survive !

This life is full of ups and downs.

While the ups really put us on cloud nine, the downs don’t leave a chance to kick our ass at the right time !

And while on downs, we need that someone to cling to, for comfort and solace. Each one of us has an emotional need.

We are all slaves of our hearts; although the brain is the master, it cannot play its cards really well against the heart 😄

Heart or mind ? It is always a conflict !!

For me, the heart wins; I’m a slave to my emotions 😜

Who wins for you ? Spill your beans people …..

Thanks, for reading me, and for being around me, always 😘

2 thoughts on “I, me, myself :)

  1. A bit of selfish is definitely necessary, but it is all about balance! Mmm, for me my mind is a little stupid, my heart usually wins 😛
    So nope, you are definitely not alone 🙂


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