As I write this, I’m extremely sorry for being MIA for soooooo long !!!

Believe me, its been a crazy, tormenting time for me, since I moved back to India from the UAE. (six months now, but it seems to me, a lifetime!)


The luxurious, self centered, extremely casual lifestyle of Dubai is taken over by a slogging, tiring line of chores, a housewife goes through in India.( I’ve lost 7 kg since then !)

From the husband, who is busy struggling to fit into his new workplace politics here, all the way, away from the family….. to the kids, who seem to have gone crazy with their new school schedule and syllabus……… the over demanding in laws, I’m staying in with right now………everything just seems to make my world feel turning upside down !!

And it all started back in October last year. It was the worst time of my life I guess !

The man was told to move out of UAE to join the office back here India, asap, and he didn’t have an option.On a short notice, we had to empty the house and pack up to return. I winded up within just two weeks !! It was a mad week of cargo, parcels, bags and baggages .

Back here, the kids had to continue their term in the new school, to avoid wasting a year at school. Being mid term admissions, it was extremely tough for them to keep up, and equally tiring for me to keep on boosting their morale !

The man needed me as his moral support, and the kids needed me for the same. And somewhere in the middle, I was torn apart with the sudden change in my lifestyle trying to adjust with my not-so-adjustable in laws :P

I have been extremely emotionally drained out since then :(

Things had gone crazy ( and still they are ), however, I’ve somehow managed to get a hold of myself now. I’m still trying to pick up bits and pieces, only hoping to move back some day ! (height of optimism, I know :D )

For those who know how India is, internet and air-conditioners are still items of luxury !

Its tough to manage without a steady internet connection, and hence my blogging suffers. More so, coz as a housewife in a joint family, it is near impossible to manage time to write something. I had to bury my passion for good.

What seemed to me like passion, seemed wastage of time to others !!

But finally it seems the times are gonna change for me soon :) I’m shifting to my new house soon, and I’m soooooper excited to be in control of my life once again…..(fingers crossed!)

The kids have started accepting their new school, and I may, as well, start working again :) 

I know, I have a strong online support system out here at my blog, and I thank God for that :D

I hope, you won’t be mad at me anymore, and would still shower me with the same love, affection and understanding….

Oh yess, I still have few awards pending to be accepted ! (along with the acceptance formalities :P). That is next on my to-do list :D

Till then, ciao.. :)


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