Life is Beautiful

Often I ask myself – What is life? , Is life beautiful? Why are we so passionate of our lives, that we start living it over and over again?

I struggle to answer these basic  questions of existence ………

One day it is a bed of thorns, those pricking your heart and soul,

The other day it is a path of blossoms, blooming and filling your nostrils with heavenly scents.

A door closes and a door opens……

Things that you feel are useless, often jump up into your face and scream for attention. They are too loud to be neglected, nonetheless they are futile and worthless in comparison to other vital things in life.

Just when you feel, you’ve lost the track of your life, and things start slipping out of your hands………miracles start happening 🙂

Someday, someone, something……..crosses your path just out of the blue, to make you grin and smile, ear to ear !!

Neither the pessimist nor the optimist can fault life on these wonderful miracles..they just happen, to make you alive ..

The upside down life of ours, suddenly seems to be stable and worth living again.

Yes, life indeed is beautiful … 🙂

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