Of Blogging

I am no inspirational blogger, neither a fashion/style blogger, nor a food blogger.

I am a newbie, learning to write from my experiences and encounters with friendly strangers on the blogosphere 🙂

Just two months of blogging has exposed me to a variety of aspects of blogging.

A new blogger is always fancied by the growing  number of followers, intrigued by the likes his writings get and overwhelmed by his growing blog stats every-day.

Consequently he/she needs to stick to the following, more or less.

Take a look, and feel free to correct me !!

1. Read, Read, Read.

“Reading is the first step to blogging “. Luckily, I came across this quote the very first day I made an account with WordPress; and since then, I’ve stuck to it.

Out of my five days for WordPress (not counting the weekends, coz I don’t log in then), two days I write, and three I have dedicated to reading others.

Reading gives us the pulse of the time, our mind becomes open to new ideas and trends. Consequently, something interesting may spark us, and we may pen down.

2. If you like it, comment on it.

Just as we love being appreciated, so do others. If a writer has taken out time to write down something, leave a comment of appreciation.

Of course, you can ‘like’ the post, but then, a comment makes you interact one-to-one with the writer. And the person feels good too !!

As a matter of fact, he would return the favour by surely visiting your blog. More traffic that is 🙂

3. Do not forget to reply.

This is one of the most important aspects of blogging, I feel. I have visited several blogs, but not all of them reply to my comments. Eventually, I end up not visiting them any more; It is a human nature.

If you show the – I don’t care attitude, the reader wont bother to come back and read you again. So think twice, before  you skip those replies.

Take time to thank  your followers and the commenters, they feel connected and appreciated.

Also, if someone chooses to follow you, return the favour by following back 🙂

4. Blog your mind. Do not beg, borrow or steal.

Of course we can always steal the ideas, but not the text. Copy and paste is a bad idea……its plagiarism.

Be original; if you are a thief stealer, some one might notice it, and you lose respect instantly.

Remember, the readers are smart, and they are not only reading  you, they are judging you too 🙂

5. Be true. Do not fake or camouflage.

Nobody is perfect, and life is not a cakewalk. So don’t try to portray only the good things in life.

Too many sugar-coated things and your readers are bound to puke.

Occasionally, take a dig at the other side of your life, and your readers would enjoy the plunge !!

*                         *                            *

Disclaimer– All the views expressed here are my own. I don’t intend to offend any one, so please don’t be !!

Please add to my list, if I missed out some 🙂

16 thoughts on “Of Blogging

  1. u r so right. when i got my very first follower i was so excited and felt so connected to her. all the points that youve mentioned are like the rulebook which one can refer to for help before setting off on the exciting journey of blogging.

  2. the other thing that comes to mind is to write on topics that you truly feel about and not think whether others will read it or not or to put it simply.. write for yourself first..

  3. So true..
    Well welcome to the blogging world, it is really nice to find people with mutual interests and connect with them, this is one of the best things blogs offer.
    My Golden blogging rule, is as long as your blog is a reflection of you and not a copy of others, as long as you have something to say, share and a clear vision of what you want to achieve through your blog, then it will always be interesting. You will always find people to connect with you and want to read your posts.
    So always keep it interesting and find yourself and what you have to say about your world 🙂
    Enjoyed reading your post :))

    1. Thanks Dima 🙂

      I am always elated when I see your comment there, you are too sweet to leave a comment everytime you read me, makes you so special !!

      Yea, I agree, the blog should be an extension of yourself and not a copy of others…

  4. I agree with your points totally. Your blog looks interesting.Planning to read more. Your blog name is cute. I think it is – “shee (see) me shine!”…is that the idea?

  5. This is some insightful stuff. I think reading is very important, especially here in worpdress, you cant really avoid doing it if you want people to read your own material. Well done!

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