How much is too much

Children using gadgets


I recently came across a survey which pointed out that watching television was actually good for children.

They argue, that watching TV enhances the vocabulary of the children, helps them distinguish between good and evil, develops a positive approach in them to fight against the odds, imparts information they would otherwise be deprived of, and provides entertainment while they are bored.

Well, I may sound conventional, but that is not what I agree with completely. Everything comes in this world with its pros and cons.

I believe, electronic gadgets confine the children to a smaller space. It makes them addicted to the virtual world of media and information. They lose their ability to socialize and understand the perspective of others.

Are we not exposing them to too much of technology?

Given the extremely harsh weather conditions (extreme heat and extreme cold), in the UAE, we are forced to stay indoors most of the time. Even if the springs and autumns are pleasant, the remote place where I stay, doesn’t have enough facilities for sport. That leaves kids with the only option of being glued to electronic devices, as the TV or the iphone or the laptop.

There always is a conflict between me and the children, on deciding how much time should be spent watching TV. And it is difficult for me to keep them away from it as they do not have any other activity on their mind.

Yes, I know, it’s a mother’s duty to diverge their mind and broaden their thinking horizons, so as to come out of the electronic trap. But it ain’t that easy !!

Our typical weekend schedule goes like this –

Kids- watching TV………….Dad- busy with the Iphone………….Mom- in the kitchen

Kids- busy with the laptop……Dad- watching TV…………………Mom- in the kitchen

Kids- fighting for the Iphone……….Dad- watching TV………..Mom- busy with laundry

Kids- back to TV……………….Dad- dozing off…………………..Mom- busy cleaning

It is not that I don’t try to make them read books, or play indoor games, or help them in creative crafting. But that gets over soon, and they are back to their gadgets.

Added to all this is the continued interest of the dad as well in the electronic gadgets, he has proudly spent money on.

That leaves me with a question – Am I not a good parent? Is there anything that I can really do to improve this condition ?

Should I become a dictator and cut down on the screen time totally, should I be stubborn and make them watch only the informative channels (but they love cartoons), or should I fight with my partner to act rationally and indulge in more activities with kids.

But all of this seems to be quite impossible to me.

The key lies in the balance. What do you suggest?

8 thoughts on “How much is too much

  1. First of all, it depends on what the children are watching on TV. As my children are getting older, I note that the vocabulary and content of the pre-teen and teen shows is not too good – and the way in which the characters speak is not charming to me.
    Me – I limit my children’s exposure to TV – and I tell them what else to do: read, or play with their toys, draw, do crafting. TV is a very passive exercise and doesn’t encourage creativity at all. Often my children now make their own choice to read instead of sit in front of the big screen – and sometimes instead of watching what is on offer, they will choose a DVD that I have bought them.

    1. I absolutely agree, I find the content of TV not suitable for children these days…..the language has become much more indecent. Instead of picking up the good there, what if they pick up the crap from TV ?

      And it is a great idea Colline, will try to get some good DVDs soon, thanks 🙂

  2. I for one never agreed with parents that cut out on television times for their kids. Maybe the stories I heard growing up might be a little too extreme so let me explain. I had friends who would beg me to find them or lent them our TV cable or they went out looking for a tv cable(when the parents left the house) cause their parents took out the cable and locked it in the closet before leaving the house! I felt such extreme restrictions only makes the kids want to eat the forbidden fruit even more! There should be more natural distractions for kids then having to force them to do things. About it being hot outside and not being active made me think we growing up never had video game systems like Wii which lets the whole family enjoy and be active indoors. Are your kids interested in those at all ? Given their love of gadgets maybe you can entertain them from time to time with that and still keep their bodies moving?

    1. Thanks for sharing about your friends. I am of the same opinion, as you suppress them more, more they are bound to rebel 🙂
      The key lies in the balance, and that’s what I am trying to do…..

      On a side note- where have you been since days ??

      1. Ah…just been alittle too busy with work. Mornings are turning into midnights where I am still glued to my work laptop doing something or the other that needs to be done asap! I have been posting every other day or so though on the blog. I have so much content that needs to be put up or videos that need editing but no time 😦

  3. I have enjoyed reading your post 🙂 first i want to say, that we are the best parents we can be.
    I have to say that we all face the same things, after all it is IT’s golden age lol I totally agree with you, it is all in the balance. There is no pure evil, unless there is no balance. As long as you continue to offer them other opportunities to try other areas and activities, and as long as you continuously monitor what they are being exposed to, there should be no problem in TV and gadgets. During good weather, I insist that we are all out, without gadgets to try and enjoy natural settings, and being active. I also enroll my kids in sports extra curricular activities which makes them more active and found that they become less keen on all the gadgets as long as they are active. One final thing that works for me, is showing enthusiasm for a board, word or art game and playing with them. They get infected by our enthusiasm and find it fun to play with us. then whatever time is left – which is not much really – they can enjoy tv and other electronics, we all like to unwind to tv at the end of the day :))

    1. omg, I can’t believe you visited my blog. Thank you Dima, hugs 🙂
      I am a terrible fan of your cooking skills, and it is so kind of you to take out time and leave a valuable comment for me.
      And yes, I am surely gonna follow your advice and double my enthusiasm to engage myself with kids…..

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