A quick hello



Yep, something is keeping me busy these days !!

Can’t figure out actually, what ??

May be I have gone bad on the time management system, may be I need to organize my priorities, may be I need a helping hand, or maybe I need to be less obsessive about perfection. Or may be all of these. 😀

This post is surely for all of you, wondering why I am not posting these days. So you know the reason now !!

A very quick hi, hello to all of you my dear followers, friends and motivators, and not to forget the ones who nominated me for various awards (will soon get back to doing them)

I am so dying to do a post on few of the subjects on my mind……..alas !!

I have become a frantic chicken running all around the house, with the same bunch of chores to be completed and yet not finding time for myself.

(I hate to admit, I am stressed out)

I got a couple of books to read (hubby got them for me, so I have to)

I need to pack up for the vacation due next month (yay !!)

I need a facial clean-up and I need to wax (I am a hot mom…..gee)

I need to watch some TV (I’ve lost track of all the daily soaps)

And, most of all, I need to get back to exercise SOON (or I shall not fit into my favourite pair of skinny jeans)

All the above things, while my kids want me to help with their exams next week, my  students want me to guide them through their mind bugging Math, my reader at WordPress screaming to read the new posts……… phew !!

Hope God bless me with some me-time soon !!

Have you ever felt the need to have more than 24 hours in a day ? Do share……

P.S. I did this post in 5 minutes to save on time ….and I did not spell check too, so excuse me for that, I know you will !!


3 thoughts on “A quick hello

  1. Just commenting to do a little cheerleading! I think you’re going through something that a lot of people (especially women) go through. We have so much on our plates and so little time. But congrats to you for digging in and working on some solutions, which means that you are among those special people that are really transforming yourself into the best possible version of yourself. Time management in real life is hard, but there are ways to handle it(I know, I write, think, and even work a lot on this stuff, so I can testify!) – And you are definitely on your way. Glad I found your blog, and you have an invitation to come by and say hi in my corner of the Internet, http://www.mariewetmore.com

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