Madhuri is in my blood !!

There shouldn’t be a reason to love Madhuri Dixit, and there should be no reason why we shouldn’t love her 🙂

Recently viewed her interview with Noreen Khan of BBC, and that made me absolutely nostalgic of this beautiful lady. Check out what she has to say about her life as a diva, and you will start loving her, all over again, to bits, I promise.

Madhuri Dixit talks to Noreen Khan of BBC.

Be it Shiela, Munni, Laila or Chikni Chameli, none can come closer to even a toe nail of Madhuri Dixit. She is the epitome of feminism, firmly grounded even while enjoying her comeback to the Bollywood film industry.

Its wonderful to watch an actress age so gracefully, while her contemporaries and even the latest newbies are getting injected with botox all over. She is a true diva.

I just slid back into the 90’s, made a cuppa coffee and had my earplugs on. Thank God there’s YouTube 😉

I don’t exactly remember, but I was in my grade 6 when the blockbuster movie Tezaab had made her an overnight star. And truly she was !!


Check out the expressions and the dance moves she makes, in the hit song Ek do teen, absolutely stunning.


I had been dancing to the tunes of this song since my childhood. Everywhere, school functions, get togethers, parties, even alone in my room. Added to my love for her, was my look almost similar to her during those days. A slender figure, wavy hair and all those dance moves…….Madhuri was in my blood 🙂

There are umpteen number of her songs that I need to put up here, and the post would be soooo long then, but I have to, can’t resist the urge to do so !!

Keep scrolling down to melt into the Madhuri madness as the mania goes on :


Dum dama dum from Dil, a song added after the release of the movie-


Chane ke khet mein from (I forgot the movie….oops)

ooooolala doesn’t she look gorgeous?


Humko aajkal hai intezaar from Sailaab, portrays her quintessential beauty-


Choli ke peeche kya hai from Khalnayak, a controversial song that made her the heart-throb of millions-


Akhiyan milaon from Raja, exposes the naughtiness in her.


And the ultimate, Dhak dhak karne laga from Beta, that gives her the title of Dhak Dhak girl.


Omg, how can I forget Mera piya ghar aaya from Yaarana…check it out


The list can go on and on…..but I have to cut short the post 🙂

Hope you enjoy the songs, as much as I do.

It is a feast for the soul to watch Madhuri dance, what say ??


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