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Egg-less Orange Cake

Don’t know how I had a feeling to bake this one.

But since the time I had gotten up from the bed, all I could do was smell oranges around………..I  know that’s a bit crazy, but that is how I am!!!

So it was decided, come whatever may, I am to bake this cake today 😉

It was a pain to wait for the cake while baking, whilst my nostrils were filled with the citrus aroma of the oranges.

I love oranges, lemons and all citrus fruits, be it summer or any other season.

The best thing being, kids are excited to relish this tangy cake.

The recipe is customized as per my needs, coz there were various available online, but all using eggs.

I was inspired to bake this one when I read about the Lemon drizzle loaf on Hungryhinny. Instead of using the lemons I used Oranges. Her recipes are simple and delicious 🙂

Moreover, I find its tricky to bake in a microwave oven as compared to conventional oven. All the recipes available online are for the conventional method of baking, hence I have to keep on experimenting till I find the right mixture and method.

So here it is :

A bit crumbly but tasty !!


1 cup        All purpose flour

3/4 cup    Castor Sugar

1 tsp        Baking soda

1 tsp        cooking soda

200 g       melted butter

1 tbsp      whipped curd

1/2 tsp     vanilla or orange essence

grated peel of one orange

fresh orange juice of two oranges

You can add orange colour too, if you wish to 🙂


Sift and mix together, the flour, castor sugar, baking soda and cooking soda in a large bowl.

Slowly add into it, melted butter, curd, orange peel and orange juice, keep whisking not to form lumps.

Finally add the essence and whisk once more.

The mixture should be of a pouring consistency, if not, you can adjust by adding more orange juice.

Pour the mixture into the greased mould and microwave for 5 min at 80 % power.

Check once and once again microwave for next 3 min at 100 % power.

Check, a knife should come out clean through the cake.

Let it stand in the oven for 5 min, and then cool completely.

Its ready…….yay !!!

P.S.1.This was my second trial with the cake, first trial I could not estimate the baking time and had burnt it 😛

2.Do not over bake or you will burn it, keep checking in between, be patient.

3.The orange peel gives the crunch to the cake, it can be skipped if you don’t like it.

4. My cake looks crumbly coz I baked it for 1 min more 🙂

Do let me know how you like it …………adieus till then