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Be A fit mommy

Since long I was willing to do a post on health and fitness, but was just a bit busy with something else around.

Got a chance today, when both the devils are fast asleep and the dad is on a tour, lucky me 🙂

It has been almost 14 years, my weighing scale has been faithful to me. It has never shown a number beyond 50, every time I step up on it !!!

My waist size has never gone beyond 30 inches, even after 2 kids, no bragging intended.

Many thanks to the genes I got from my mom and many thanks to myself, who has gradually turned into a fitness freak…….

I would always hate to be called a bulky, bloated and an outdated mum. Sexy, fit and hot are much better as adjectives 🙂

There isn’t any fitness regime in particular, but whatever plan I have chalked out for myself, works the best for me. Here is an outline of it, in case you are planning to start a workout :

Disclaimer – I am not a fitness trainer or a gym instructor or a yoga teacher. The views expressed here are my own. Please consult a suitable person in case you doubt the efficiency of any of these.

1. It’s always tough for me to have an early start to the mornings. But after I drop my kids to the school, I make it a point to take a brisk walk around for almost 20 min. That kills the desire to get into the blanket once more. ( I do skip it sometimes when I am badly in need of sleep 🙂 )

2. I never have a heavy breakfast. I know its wrong, but I’ve never been used to it. Instead, I wait for my tummy to growl and ask for food. Then I have a cupcake, or a handful of nuts, or two glasses or lemon juice with honey.

3. Its workout time. I do not have a gym in the vicinity, so I workout at home.

Some serious stretching and bending, accompanied by sit ups and push ups. They raise the temperature of your body and make your heart pump faster.

I also believe in yoga. I do yogasanas needed to tone the belly, thigh, arm and leg muscles.The body starts being flexible.

Then some core breathing techniques called the pranayam.

The entire exercise takes almost 40 min. But after it I feel relaxed and rejuvenated.

Sometimes I do skip the entire workout, out of laziness, but then I play my favourite numbers and dance around to ensure my body stays in action and I don’t go back to sleep.

4. After the workout if I feel hungry again, I have something light, like a peanut butter toast, or just two cookies.

I do all the chores on my own, including, cleaning, washing and cooking.That keeps me active.

5. Devoid of breakfast, I am hungry again, just before the lunch. It’s the best time to have some sliced cucumbers. (I love them with salt and pepper and some lemon juice drizzled on them). Cucumbers have a good water content, so they keep me full till lunch time.

Even fruits like papaya or watermelon would work good for this time of the day.

6. Lunch is heavy for me. A good, tasty, spicy vegetable curry served with bread and salad. And not to forget something sweet ( I cannot survive without it).

I never forget to have a glassful of buttermilk after lunch – it is good for digestion.

7. No 4’o clock snacking for me. Just a large tumbler of green tea (lemon flavour).

8. Its evening and my bowels start growling again. It’s the time when my Mr. X is back from the office and kids are running around. Ginger tea and some snacks work good. Chocolate chip cookies, Digestive biscuits and some Indian snacks are loved as a company.

9. Dinner is very light and just an obligation for me !!! I almost skip it twice a week. Just some soup, rice or cooked pulses are the best before bedtime.

10. After I finish the kitchen, I take a brisk walk for almost half an hour, to let everything settle down.

The best way to avoid eating anything after dinner, is to brush your teeth. It will always remind you that you are done for the day.

I am not so strict about the diets. I do indulge in great chocolate treats, restaurant dinners and parties. But then I make it a point to burn those extra calories.

I never starve myself of anything. I do have, chips, butter, cheese, pizzas and chocolates, but in moderation.

I absolutely stay away from noodles, pasta, burgers and fried food. They give you those extra calories which can never be gotten rid of.

I play a lot of sport with my kids. Be it cricket and football with my boy, or badminton and skipping with my girl. It helps me bond strongly with them and gives me some exercise too.

Not to forget drinking lots of water daily, it keeps you hydrated and full.

Remember– It is tough to lose that extra fat for women. Better not gain it at all 🙂

Self control, is the key to success.

Be bodylicious……..adieus