Daily Archives: May 16, 2012

Get Nailed – 2

The feelings I get, after he left are pathetic. 😦

I know now, why we call them our better halves.

I feel I’ve lost track of everything around me. Luckily I’ve got kids around to keep me occupied. They help me switch my moods easily 🙂

So here are few of the tricky nail arts (and blingy too) I promised about in the earlier post. Check them out…….


Here are some inspired from the nature………..


I love this cute one with shoes………


  And now some fruity ones……(I would almost eat them up !!)

And some crazy stuff……..(I love the skull in the first one)

The party nails with rhinestones……(I guess, straight out of the nail art studio)

And at last I had to put this one, coz it reminded me of something !!!

P.S. – Honestly I have no idea, how to do these nail arts, each one of them !!!

I also wonder, whether some of these nails are actual or fake.

And I guess, most of them must be done at a nail art salon, rather than DIY 🙂

Do let me know which of these you liked………

Picture courtesy Pinterest.