Daily Archives: May 11, 2012

Men vs Men

Yep, you read it right!!

I am a bit pissed off today and really want to let it out about this strange species, called men. 😛

According to me, there exist essentially two kinds of men, one – those who cannot shop anything for anyone at all, two – those who can shop everything for only themselves. The middle kind doesn’t exist at all !!

self centered vs dumbheads !!!

The men in category 1, are like babies put in the play area with colourful balls of all shapes and sizes around.

They keep on running all around a supermarket, just not knowing what to cart. They are so confused, they actually have no idea of what products are they looking for. These kind of men, sport an awkward smile when someone looks at them, thinking, what the heck am I doing here!! They almost get a chill down their spine, when someone approaches them  for a suggestion (like- omg, is he/she gonna ask me something.)

They are like headless chickens running around nothing.

They can produce better results only if they got the shopping list from their wife. If in case left to shop randomly, they would come back home with a pathetic look on their face saying – Nothing was worth buying at all !!!

And if the lady is accompanying them for the shopping trip, she would have a triple responsibility of shopping for herself, her home, and her man….ohh yes not to forget the kids 😉

Obviously, the men in category 2, are exactly the opposite.

When it comes to shopping, there is nothing in this world they can do better !! They actually give tough competition to women here.

They know the best of brands, the best of outlets……and the best of all, they know what exactly they need to buy, that too with whatever time they have at hand.

Of course, occasionally they do get something for their ladies and kids, but their primary focus is to shop the best for themselves.

They are seen mostly loitering around in the mens area, without kids (obviously no distraction required )……while their lady, trails behind, keeping her kids away from fragile things at the supermarket, looking at the ceiling to remember what she needs to shop for today’s dinner and then thinking of getting herself into the women area so that she buys herself something good. And by this time, the kids get hungry and she has to back out from her shopping, just to get into the food court, minus her husband, who is still in the fitting room !!!

While those in the 2nd category sound to be self-centred, the ones in the 1st category seem to be dumb-heads.

The reason, I had to post this was that, my man falls into the 1st category 😛

The other day, I had sent him to get himself a few T-shirts he was badly in need of, from a store at the mall. The moment he landed there, I had my cell ringing. He was so confused of what to get himself, that he came back with an absolute blank look saying – I can’t shop without you !!

Now of course, that’s sweet, but its irritating as well….

I had blown up my wallet at the same store, that afternoon, and he couldn’t find himself a single damn thing, ridiculous, absolutely ridiculous !!!

All I could do was – face palm 😀