Daily Archives: May 3, 2012

I love you Mathematics !!


I always was a Math lover 🙂

For most of the high school students, it is a tricky subject to worry about, for me it was always a stress buster.

I loved to solve the tricky numbers, play with them, do all sort of operations on them and finally end up elated, unlike many of my friends. They called me a nerd or a jerk or whatever…….;)

No wonder, I ended up being a Math teacher, with a major in Sciences though. And as much as I love to work with maths, I enjoy teaching it.

My students often complain, they hate maths, coz it’s so tricky and unpredictable. It wants them to be perfect all the time, which they cannot be……..

I think the other way round. It teaches us to be perfect, accurate and precise. If we are good at Math, we can be good, practically at anything.Sounds weird though 😀

Its been years I’ve taught Math to a number of students, but never have I been so happy about the subject, as much I am today. I sense a feeling of completeness in me.

Recently I got a chance to guide a mentally challenged child, for Math. It’s not that he is that dumb. He can do all the addition and subtraction correctly. He is clumsy only with multiplications and divisions, that too, if they involve decimals. He has the basic knowledge, but his basic computations go wrong, silly mistakes to blame. I just need to make him focus and practice.

Whatever his limitations may be, but he is too humble to thank me for every step I teach him till he solves a problem.

The hint of gratitude, the smile on his face, makes me feel special. He reinforces my faith in myself. He makes me feel like a teacher, who is doing her job well, something I am supposed to do  on this earth. And he chuckles as he says – I like Math, because you teach me 🙂

He really makes me realize I am capable of giving back so much to the society.

I have taught many students over years, just to find a majority of them, ungrateful, disrespectful and thankless to their teachers. Though it is a profession, which holds high moral values, teachers are rarely the role models for their successful students.

Many a times, I’ve forced myself to switch jobs, just to keep myself blowing up furiously with this kind of behaviour.

But somewhere, there does lie  the path, I need to follow to attain self realisation, and I am glad, I finally discovered it 🙂