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The lines crossed 2

contd from the previous post……….

She was Rose.

” You are much softer than my girlfriend”, he admitted.

She felt happy and awkward at the same moment.

With an age difference of 14 years, he having a girlfriend, and she having a kid, how on earth were they meant to be together ?

“Ouch, you bit me hard”, she said pushing him aside, as he exhibited his evil grin.

” How do I answer if anyone asks me about these marks you are giving me ?”

” I know you are good at making excuses”, he winked, and the duel started again, with her forcefully resisting every move from his side.

” Why can’t you just stop resisting and enjoy what I am giving to you?”

She went silent. The past flashed in front of her eyes, as she lay squeezed under him, enjoying though.

She never wanted it, she hadn’t ever thought of it, it was giving her jitters.

It was a duel of lust and love. She was all love, he was all lust.

” Let me go, I will come back some other day, its late.”

” I am sure, you wont come back again, so I am not leaving you right now.”

It was being tough for her to convince him, especially with the manly hold he had on her.

By this time, she had already started filling her senses with his masculine smell, from his sweating body.

She put her nose close to his neck and sniffed him, ” You smell great”, she said feeling charged up.

” And you are freshly waxed, just for me”, ” Now close your eyes and let me taste you”, he whispered in her ear.

” Why on earth do you feel like doing it with me?”, she questioned looking straight into his eyes.

” Because I’ve suddenly started loving you”, he said, pecking her cheek.

She blushed, confused. How can this devil say it so easily, he wasnt that kind, she thought.

She kissed him, giving him a wrong idea of an affirmative. She had stopped resisting his moves, she had surrendered to the devil.

He was a beast in the bed, the one which she was never used to.

Something that was being pleasure for him, was being pain for her, but she feared putting him off, and the thought of losing him made her knees go jello.

Her heart always melted, every time he showed a faint interest in her.

She loved him. He lusted her. That was the pain of her life.

She was a Rose with thorns.