Daily Archives: May 1, 2012

The lines crossed 1

” Won’t you give me a hug before going?”, he asked, looking into her eyes.

With a height difference of almost a foot, she felt her head pressed strongly against his chest. He squeezed her.

” You are too cozy”, the devil grinned. She called him devil.

She was shaking, in loss of words, eyes closed.

Slowly she lifted her head up, only to find her lips strongly locked with his. His hands caressing the softer parts, her eyes closed in ecstasy ;she was wanting more of it.

She resisted him, but the devil was strong, she was liking the dominance though.

” Please don’t do that, I feel strange”, she urged.

” Close your eyes and feel it, enjoy it, you are so soft, let me just check you out”, he grinned.

She smiled faintly, letting him do what he wanted, but holding his hands tightly, not to embarrass her with his moves.

Slowly he lifted her up in his arms, laid her on the bed, lips still locked, both pairs of eyes closed, heavy breath, thumping hearts.

She hadn’t loosened her grip yet.

” Leave my hands”

“What if I don’t?”

” You are pissing me off now !! ”

With a reluctant look in her eyes, she surrendered…..leaving off his hands.

She loved him.