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A love letter

Before you read on, I would like to clarify, I don’t love you and this isn’t a love letter.

It’s just that, before I actually start hating you, I need to tell you something important.

You kept on entering my life on and off, sometimes like a cool breeze with a lemony scent to it, sometimes like a storm which shatters everything, but mostly a trouble-shooter.

Every time you came, you left a trail behind.

I was the most vulnerable (not desperate) creature you found out on the net, and eventually we started fiddling with our lives. There was a feel good factor attached with your talks coz the chat took me off momentarily from the pains and pressures of my life.

You are no doubt the smartest of all I’ve met, but that doesn’t allow you to put me down, especially when I am a senior, by way too many years !!

And I am damn sure, just as you never understood my words, you would never understand my silence as well. Its plain silly to expect that out of someone as selfish as you.

Nonetheless, I keep coming back to you, just to get another tight slap in my face.

Not any more.

We have always shared the love-hate relationship, just to realise that we cant stand the sight of each other. Its repelling.

To be precise, it’s not you who don’t care, its me who doesn’t need the interference.

Thanks for letting me discover, that a second life does exist  🙂

Of course I love you…….. till I find someone better……

When I started reading this book by Durjoy Dutta, I was like – facepalm.

Why does everyone from IITs or IIMs or any engineering college, have a story to tell?

And given that lots of my students have taken up engineering as their career, I wondered how many signed copies  would I get from the authors in making !!

As expected the story goes in line with Five Point Someone by Chetan Bhagat, the only difference being the names of the institutions.

It’s all about studies gone wrong, making and breaking of friendships, girls and more girls (sexy ones), lust and night outs (obviously that includes sex), and the characters taking pride in doing so !!

Of course its their story, and we are mere readers, we have no right to comment on whatsoever they write. But I felt the need to write up because in no way, I would want my kids to read these kind of books until they turn 20. And that is not just because the books contain profane language, they also contain the details of how and when and where did they make out.

But as a grown up, I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. We like pretending to be dirty at times 😉

The characters seemed to be real and I could actually see them right in front of me. Now that’s what makes a good writer.

The writing style is simple with very few words which make us reach for the dictionary. That makes this cute, dimpled author so famous, especially among the girls, who are self acclaimed die-hard fans of him.

And you wont believe I ordered a full set of all his five books from India, right away 😀

I finished the entire book in just two sittings of 2 hours each, imagine how engrossed I was with that tween-age story. The plot kept me wanting to read more and more about those kids in the colleges, how they finally made it to get their girls, and their jobs and eventually landed themselves into happily-ever-after slot.Not to mention how they kept on switching girls too 😉

Now that is what’s in fashion these days. Did you ever know  that??

If not, go ahead, get screwed up, and chances are you may end up being a successful writer.

Sarcasm-ingly yours……