Monthly Archives: March 2012

Its Holi once again

I don’t remember playing a full-fledged Holi in my entire lifetime till now.
Well I don’t know the reason, but at my parents house, it wasnt a tradition to either play with colors or get along with friends and just enjoy. Actually enjoyment wasnt a part of the life there at all.
It’s not that I am complaining, I do love them and owe them a lot for all my 20 years with them, but if given a choice, I would never like to go back and be there for the rest of my life.
Its only here after being wed, I found happiness in the smallest of things happening around me. Be it me bagging the gold medal at my college, or him getting the star performer trophy or simply India winning the world cup……all called for joy for us. 😀
Oh ya and I do remember my first Holi there.

Being a new addition, I was forced to play with colors and I wonder how I loved them, that was the first time there wasnt any frowning face looking at me when I was drenched with water, all multicolored, with wet clothes stuck to my body, and a whole gang of youngsters yelling and pulling me into the festive mood. I was reluctant though, but the feeling that this new family was by my side and their faces brimming with love and pride for me, I went easy.

That was the only Holi I have played till now though, but it was something worth cherishing.

Now that I am a mum, I can’t but encourage my kids to go out and enjoy with their friends for any small chance they get.

I believe, we got just one life and that too very short, why waste it confining ourselves into the four walls. I love to get into fresh air and smell every festivity in it. I love to interact with people, something I really missed when I was back home with my parents.

Lately I’ve learnt to be in love with myself, coz if we are born alone, we are gonna die alone, then why not make the most of this precious life we are blessed with.

Live-lingly yours 🙂