Daily Archives: February 14, 2012

Love is in the air ……………..

Yeah so its Valentine day once again, uggh !!! Aint it becoming boring now……wat say??

For all those singles out there, it’s a day to express their independence from slavery of women, making others jealous of their girl-less lives and indulging in some splurging act, minus the girl.

For all those teens with new flushes of hormones everyday, valentine day does have a meaning. They feel love is in the air for them. Well not to blame them at all, mother nature gave them the liberty of feeling so in the teens 🙂

For all those who are still trying to persuade their girls to be hooked with them, this day is one more opportunity to break the ice and make her swoon on them.

For all those going through difficult phase in their relationships, ahh well, they got a new chance to start afresh and give one more go to it.

For those newly weds, it’s a lovey dovey day, swooning on each other, drooling, going really nuts, wearing pink and red, giving gifts and then finally ending up bankrupt

For those already wed for years, its nothing new wishing happy valentine, it’s too boring and old to be expressed, coz they usually don’t have the time to break up the routine and indulge into  the luxury of valentine day.

Well but for me, the V day is yet another day to express my love to my kids and the family. It isn’t even needed to mention those three words. Actions say it all. All that we do for each other, everyday, every time, expresses love for each other. We are too closely bonded to be affected by the presence of valentine’s day in our calenders.We do not expect, we do not complain, and still are in love.

That’s what I call a perfect Valentine day…….coz  love is always in the air